Monday, November 01, 2010


Sisters 006, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.


Rudee said...

Great picture!

I wish I knew how to link, but don't. Here is an article from the NYT and how sisters are linked to happiness, just because we have them.

Wanda said...

How wonderful...what a great picture. I have one sister, and was able to visit her this week when we took our trip to Tahoe.

BJ said...

Rudee - that was a really great article about "sisters". I feel so blessed to have them both. My oldest sister has been like a mother to me...she is 18 years older than me. She has always been the nuturing one in the family & I just adore her. I have brothers also...two of them...and have recently reconnected with them over the past year. I am so thankful for my sisters & brothers.

Thanks Wanda! I'm sure you've had some great times with your sister over the years. It truely is a very special bond that we share.

Hope your vacation was a wonderful one....I can't wait to see pics. I'm sure that Molly was very happy to see you.

Brenda said...

This is a great photo BJ! Looks like you starting blogging again. I have to catch up here. I have no blood sisters so I have had to adopt a few girl friends over the years to be my sisters. You are one of them. Even if we haven't actually met yet...doesn't matter. Hugs!

BJ said...

Brenda - I am your "soul sister"....we've talked about this before. We have many things in common and you are a pretty special lady! Even though we haven't officially met in person...I know that we share a special bond! I hope that one day we will be able to get together and share the stories of our life!

Sandy said...

oHHH how did I miss this. Love this photo of you and your sisters.

I hope you have a great day BJ..

cat's momma said...

Beautiful photograph! There is nothing in the world like sisters, blood related or sister friends!

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