Saturday, August 29, 2009


A month has passed since my last post.....and I want to thank you for your love and prayers for Kelli and our family. She is doing remarkably well. I didn't think that she would have come this far so soon. But each time I see her beautiful smile...I know that she is healing and carrying on with her mommy duties!

This week was a busy one for her. Gianna's birthday was on Tuesday. She turned five years old! I took off and spent the day with them and we had another session with "Build A Bear". Will post pictures on that later. Then, the girl's started back to school....just for Thursday & Friday. So Kelli has been busy getting them ready with all the necessary gear they need. Gianna is so ready for Kindergarten....and will be attending all day. Most of the schools in our area have incorporated a full day for the five year olds. It seems like a long day for these little ones, doesn't it? On Thursday, Kelli had to go with her....the session was abbreviated...just for an hour and a half. Gianna asked her when she was leaving! And then of course she was on her own for Friday.

Hailee is starting the third grade. She has attended the same school for the last two years. This year she is in a portable classroom which means that she will have to leave the portable to go to the bathroom. Of course I wanted to know if safety was a factor and she assured me that the portable was very close to the door that she would use to enter into the building. Then she reminded me that when she was in the fifth grade, she was in a portable and had to go much further to get into the school building. Oh yeah! I remember that now. So glad she brought that to my attention!

McStinker is 18 months old now. He is growing at leaps and bounds. He is starting to say everything and is putting three words together more recently. He is very LOUD! He loves a ball! He has many of them.....and wants them all at the same time. He has many faces.....but the one that I love the the smiling one with the two beautiful dimples! He is so cute!

L.J. is four now and as you can see from his pictures.....he is one handsome little guy! He will begin a pre-kindergarten program in a couple of weeks. He is really into Super Hero's and Nintendo DS. He is stingy with his kisses...and I have to steal them all of the time. I just love him to pieces!

Still overworked....and under paid! Aren't we all???? I have been so busy this last year with taking on more duties. I keep thinking more and more about retirement and hope that in about 15 months I will be able to leave the State and maybe just work a couple of days at a fun job! Just this week, the Governor has imposed more furlough days for us. And who knows what will happen next year. They say the economy is changing.....but I'm not so sure about that. Time will surely tell.

I hope that you are all doing well. I see some of you on Facebook and think that maybe you have felt like I do about blogging. It just became to painful for me to try to come up with a post. My brain is frazzled from my job, I'm sorry to say.
But the friendships that I have made while blogging mean a great deal to me. I will never forget any of you. You are all dear to me.

Thanks again for your care and concern this last month. It means so much to have you all as my friends.


I am blessed to have these darling children in my life. Without them....who would make me smile so much?????