Monday, July 27, 2009


Well, Summer has finally arrived! I had hoped that we would go through the entire Summer without humidity. I don't know why I think things like that. When you live in Maryland, you have to expect that it is gonna be HOT! We have been so lucky thus far. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. I guess it's time for that ole stinky stuff!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer! I just came back from a week away....visiting with my family on the Eastern Shore. Kelli, Aaron and the grandchildren were in Ocean City, Maryland this past week too. I managed to spend a couple of nights with them before I headed to Salisbury, where I have more family; my sister's. It was a very good week. I cherish the time I get to spend with family as they all mean so much to me. My sister's are 74 & almost 77. So I feel especially blessed that they are both in pretty good health. At least they still like to shop!!!!

I have updated some pictures from the last week. My camera still remains a huge part of well as my laptop and my cellphone! I guess you could call me a "Material Girl". LOL. I NEED those items to keep me functional!

The grandchildren are growing so quickly and I enjoy them so much. They continue to bring me such joy...I can't imagine my life without those little darlings. And, the fifth one will be here in early January. I am happy to report that Kelli is finally feeling much better. Up to about a week or two ago.....she was really sickly. She will find out the sex of the baby very soon. I will keep everyone posted. Is anyone willing to wager any bets yet? The heartbeat is in the 160's. That's where the girl's were. Elijah's was in the 140's. If we go by that....we could have another little girl on the way! We don't care one way or the other. We welcome a healthy baby....any sex will do!

As always, you are all thought of much of the time. I'm kind of hooked on Facebook right now, playing Farmtown. It's very addictive, but you can spend as little or as much time on there as you want. Right! Just go check it out! I put my overalls on and plant me some crops! Oh my mercy be! You don't even have to know a thing about farming. I love my FARMPT!!!!


Rudee said...

I looked at all the pictures of the kids and your family. As usual, they're all so cute.

We seem to have escaped the heat so far this summer. We've even had lows in the low 50s. I'm not complaining though I could do with a little less cloud cover and a bit more sun. The heat? Meh!

It's good to here from you and read what's new. Take care.

Brenda said...

Wow...five! That is great news. Kelly looks really good and healthy. Do they have names picked out yet? See ya on facebook!

sarahgrace said...

We've had some high heat here this summer, along with unusual humidity for us. We are usually pretty dry, but it's been raining a lot this year...
Glad that Kelli is feeling better! She looks fantastic! It's funny that her girl's heartbeats were higher than the boys, mine have been the other way around.
Hope you all have a great rest of the summer!

Sandy said...

Enjoyed the post but sadly see that it was just a few days ago you were all hoping for a beautiful healthy baby. I'm so so sorry to read the top post.