Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello everyone!

Yes......I am still alive! I've been away for several months now. My part-time job ended. It was an interesting experience and I will probably go back next year. I loved the money and three months wasn't too terribly long. I'm glad that it's over......even though I loved that paycheck!

I hope that all of you are doing well. I have occasionally checked on you; not lingering too terribly long. I commented a few times and enjoyed knowing that you were all still there....blogging....and doing it so well. You all mean a lot to me.....some of us have been friends for several years now.

Since discovering Facebook, another kind of social networking. I have found that you can spend a small amount of time to a huge amount of time on there. I think for now that's what suits me the best. I admire all of you who are able to keep up with blogging.....but for me it had gotten to be a chore. And once that happens it takes the fun out of it. I would rather just read your blogs then rack my brain, trying to come up with interesting topics that people like to read. I think that blogging has become very competitive and I just don't want to compete...I would rather read what all of you have to say and make comments.

Thank you for checking in on me periodically and leaving comments. I will not lie.....I loved hearing from all of you!

I can't end this without telling you that all of my grandchildren are well....and as cute as ever! The baby is 15 months old. It is hard to believe, isn't it? He is such a darling....such a sweet disposition. I always tell my daughter, "those dimples are gonna get him everything"! The other three are growing so fast...L.J. will be four next week, Gianna will be five in August and Hailee will be 9 in February. My daughter Kelli is expecting again. She had a miscarriage about two months ago.....but is pregnant now and we are hopeful that she will be able to get through this pregnancy without too many concerns.
She always has sickness with her pregnancies and this one is no different. I feel for her....I remember vividly....I was sick just like that. She takes it all in stride.....complaining very little. She always says that it is a good sign when she is means that the pregnancy will stick. That has most often been the case.

If you get a chance, please check out Facebook. It is different....but very interesting. Like can be addictive. It may or may not be something that you would like....but you also can link your blogs to may get more traffic. Just sayin!

I can't possibly end without showing you some adorable shots of my little loves.

Much love to all of you!


Brenda said...

Good to hear from you BJ. The little ones are really growing up fast. I have just reconnected with facebook, so I will send you my site. I don't honestly know if I like it though.... yet. It may grow on me. I hear ya about blogging and trying to keep up with it all. It is a challenge and does require spending a lot of time, but I still enjoy it.

sarahgrace said...

It's good to see pictures of all the little ones and hear the news. Tell Kelli I said congrats! I'm expecting my fourth child as well! I'm due in November! Hope all keeps going fantastic! I'll look you up on Facebook!

Wanda said...

Hi Brenda ~~

I sure know how you feel sometimes. In fact there are times I think my posts are so shallow...but, I do enjoy doing it.

Love the pictures ~~ they are so darling.

I will check out your facebook.

You are always welcome at Brushstrokes whether you comment or not.

Love and Hugs

T and S said...

Nice to see you post after a long time BJ. Cute pictures and your post's self explanatory. Do post more frequently. I will try and checkout your facebook.

Marsha said...

I missed you and thought you had quit blogging!

The GK's are as beautiful as ever!

Sandy said...

Glad to see you back. Loved seeing the photos and wow, aren't they all growing up and especially the baby...time is flying, has it really been that long?? I sure hope though you still blog here and there. All my kids, people I know, everybody has facebook but so far I haven't been to any of them. I created an account once but never did anything with it. Not sure I ever will.

So glad you let us know how you are doing. I have sure missed your posts. And by the way, anything is interesting, matter what you blog. Congrats on the new baby that will be coming. My grandson will be born by July 6...Holden will be his name, he will be Holly's brother.

The Crusty Crone said...

Its good to hear from you and know all is well. I hear ya about blogging. Its not for everyone, but its great that there's so many other sites to check out/member-up with. (I haven't checked out facebook yet, but when I do I will check out your account.)

I hope you keep your blog here. There may be a time or three when you want to just unload somewhere... and the blog will be waiting for you.

BJ said...

Brenda - Thanks! I love them babies! I'm glad that we connected on FB. It's less time consuming for me...I can stay for a few and then leave. But, I've not totally ruled out blogging either.

Sarah Grace - So nice to see you here! Glad you be-friended me on FB too! Look forward to seeing you there!

Wanda - Thank you! You are a sweetheart!

T & S - Thank you! I appreciate your kind words!

Marsha - Thanks for your nice comments. Always good to hear from you. I gotta get around to all of my friends.

Sandy - How are you, my friend? Loved hearing from you. Excited to hear that you are expecting another baby in your family! Congrats! The GK's are so darned cute! They are growing up!

CC - So nice to hear from you! You GK's are so handsome! I will probably keep the blog up.....and comment occasionally. Don't give up on Facebook! It is addictive!

Rudee said...

It's nice to read that you're still doing well. Your grand children are the most adorable kids.

I dabbled in facebook, but it wasn't enough of an outlet for a bigmouth like me. Hah. I still like to read you here once in awhile, even if it's just to say hello.

BJ said...

Rudee - Thank you so much! They are the joy of my life....I can't deny.

I'll be here checking on all of you. Your blogs are fantastic.

Amber said...

I was wondering about you! But I have been a lazy blogger too, so, I get it! I also found facebook, and it is just so much faster... But I will hol don to the blog. It has brought me so many sweet people these years. ;)

The babies are ADorable. Just lovely midgets. I'm sorry to hear about your daughters loss, and I sure hope all goes well this time. I know how hard that is.

:) ox