Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not another moon??

, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Sorry.....everyone! I think that this may be the best shot I've gotten yet. Just had to post it.

Have been very busy......getting ready to start another part-time job. In training now and will officially start on Saturday.

Won't be posting very often over the next three months. But hey.....I'll still be thinking of you all and reading when time allows.


Brenda said...

That really is a great shot of the moon BJ!! I have been thinking about you and wondering if you were on vacation. When you have time tell us all about your new job and whatever else you have been up to.

Sandy said...

Nice moon!! You sound so darn busy. Hope you find time to relax and play with the little ones.

We (I'm sure we all do when I saw we)...miss you.

Rudee said...

Well now, what kind of part time work did you land? I think it's great to keep the mind busy. I don't know that I'll ever stop working because I think it's good for us. Of course, I'd rather be working for myself down the road but that's another thing entirely. I love your moon shot. I tried to take one of the full moon the other night-it showed up as soon as our blizzard ended. It was gorgeous with the light of it shining on the snow-it looked like a blanket of diamonds were lying on top of it. My camera is limited in that type of photography.

Marsha said...

Oh my goodness that is a wonderful moon shot! The craters just show up so wonderfully. Amazing!

Good lucky on the new job!

Wanda said...

The man in the moon would be proud!!


Sounds like a new challenge in your life... part-time work.. Hope you enjoy it, but will miss your posts.

Love and Hugs

Mary said...

Fantastic moon shot!

Take care of yourself BJ. And take time to relax.

I'll be checking in with you.


Sandy said...

Missing you!! Don't work too hard. I think of you often.

Rudee said...

Hope the job is working out well. Don't burn the candle at both ends-unless it's for a really good reason. Like lipstick. Or new shoes-hot ones!