Sunday, December 14, 2008


Over the years, I haven't really written much about my late husband's side of the family. But anyone that knows me, knows that I have always felt so blessed to have married into his family. From the first day that I met his family, I knew that they were very special people. So kind and loving and supportive in every way. I think one of the things that most impressed me about his family was that they were non-judgmental and couldn't speak an unkind word against another, whether it be a family member or an acquaintance. They found good in everyone. And that to me, was rare. My family was a bit different. They talked about everyone! But that's a story for a another time.

My sister-in-law is 78 years old now and the only one left of her siblings. All three of her brothers have passed away, and she lost her husband two years ago. They never had any of their own children, but they were godparents to many. They adored all of their nieces and nephews.....and now great nieces and great nephews!

I'll call my sister-in-law Ruthie. Ruthie and I talk frequently. She sold her row home in the city and now resides in a beautiful facility where she can live on her own in a very cute little apartment. If at anytime she would need to be in the assisted living section of this facility, she could go there. And if the need would arise that she needed more than the assisted living, and had to go into a nursing home, she would be able to do that too. It's a great set-up for her. And she is happy there. She does very minimal cooking but if she wants to, she can cook as much as she would like to. She chose a meal plan that includes her dinner each day. She has many entree's to choose from and reports that the food there is delicious. She can use the shuttle there for doctor's appointments or to go to other areas on the grounds of the facility if she needs to. She used to take the shuttle to get to the chapel, but recently has found a way to walk to the chapel....she doesn't have to leave her building. She is a cradle Catholic and goes to the chapel several times a week. As you can see, she is self sufficient at this point and never wants to inconvenience anyone. I've always felt that she was saintly. She emits love and goodness to all she meets.

Ruthie invited all of the grandchildren to have Breakfast with Santa on Saturday. This was planned for a couple of weeks. The drive is about 20-30 minutes away and we needed to be there at 9:30 a.m. I arrived at Kelli's at 8:30 and my son John, brought L.J. over so that we could all make the trip in one car. We arrived there and went straight to where Santa was waiting for all the good little boys and girls. Santa greeted all of the children that came and individually took time to talk to each one of them. He posed for pictures and it was very relaxing. I thought that maybe L.J. would be a little afraid. But he wasn't at all. He got right up on Santa's lap and told him he wanted a "booed", translated to mean a bird. Gianna went right to him and gave him a big hug, sat on his lap and told him she wanted "little pet shop". Hailee asked if she had to tell Santa what she wanted.....we said, "YES YOU DO"! And as you can see from my banner picture, Hailee was talking away. Baby Elijah was not having any of this Santa thing. He lasted for about 5 seconds. Just long enough that mom-mom could get a picture of him starting to cry.

Elijah says, "Get me outta here"!

Santa, I want a booed!

Santa, please bring Dora Saves the Snow Princess Prance & Fly Pegasus!

A picture with Santa!

After breakfast with Santa, there was also a room that held a train garden. We walked down there and it was one of the best train gardens that I have even seen. There were two elderly gentleman there that had a large part in setting up the trains and were happy to answer any questions that we had. Here are a few of those pictures.

And the main entrance to the facility where Ruthie lives was decorated so beautifully. As you can tell from these would love living here!

Oh...wait! Look at this little cutie standing by a huge tree in the lobby!

It was a lot of fun for the kids and equally fun for us too. Making more memories with the ones we love at this beautiful time of the year.