Thursday, November 06, 2008

Proud to be an American!

I've seen this flag flying many times before. I've always looked up into the sky, amazed at it's beauty as it ripples and waves. It's very large, flying high above the restaurant in our little town. But it looked even more beautiful to me on election day. At that moment, it didn't matter who would end up being our next president. All I could think of was how wonderful it was to live in the United States of America. Even writing those words makes goose bumps raise on my arms. Shiver!

I am hopeful and I will be supportive of our new president as he will be moving into the Oval Office in just a couple of months. He has a very difficult job ahead of him. I was thinking today.....I wonder if Obama has been re-thinking his decision to have run for the most prestigious position in the world. Do you think he is as frightened of taking this oath of office as many of us are afraid of what changes the next four years may bring to our country, good or bad? I bet his feelings are all over the place.

Whatever the answers may be, whether we are Democrats or Republicans, I pray that we will all unite and support our new president. History has been made. We have the first African American President and I think that says alot about our country. If you aren't touched by that alone, you just can't be touched!

I'm glad that this election stuff is over with. I'm ready to concentrate on other goings on in the world. For instance, how about the seasonal changes that we are experiencing right now. All of a sudden, the leaves on the trees have become so colorful and beautiful. Why, just a week ago I was saying how disappointed I was that the leaves just weren't vibrant enough this year. And since then, I have seen some very pretty areas that I want to go back and visit again. The yellows and oranges are so lovely. This time of the year is one of my very favorite times. Here are some trees in my area.

And this little guy, along with a friend, has been frequenting this tree, just outside of my window, again.....loading up on these crab apples! They must be good little things. Cause it seems like they are always up there, running up and down the branches, nibbling away.

And would you look at this tail? This is not a normal squirrel's tale. It looks fine.....and feathery. And very long.

Look at those eyes! It was a dreary day and the flash kept going off too. I guess that is why there is that lightness in his eyes.

It would stay on the branch for a while and nibble away and then take off to another branch, in another area of the tree and do the same thing. I fooled around, trying to get some good shots for a good 20 minutes. It would hide behind some of the leaves and before long, out it would come, further down on the branch.

I find that the older I become, the more beauty I find in everything. I can't imagine not having trees of any kind, not having beautiful, sweet smelling flowers, the smell of fresh mowed grass, sunny, blue skies, the smell of rain, lakes, streams, mountains, oceans, and even those little squirrel's that occupy that tree. The list just goes on and on. I am so thankful for all the beauty that surrounds me. And I hope that I am never too busy to stop and appreciate what God has given us all.