Saturday, November 01, 2008


I've been on a blogging you can tell. Sometimes you just don't have a lot to say. Or anything that you feel is worthwhile posting. And I have been kind of bummed out at work with all of the added responsibilites that have been given to me. I can't wait to get out of there each day. I feel like I'm swimming, madly, but not getting anywhere. One thing that could make me feel somewhat better is if I get compensated with a huge raise! I keep hoping that will happen. I've been told that they are working on it. Don't get me wrong. I am very thankful for this job. And I don't like complaining so much. There are many people that are being laid off or are living in hard times. And for those, my heart goes out to them.

But getting on to more fun was Halloween yesterday and I got to spend several hours after work with the grandchildren, watching them get dressed up and taking pictures. That's where it is for me! They always make all of my woes so unimportant when they are in my presence. They make me smile & laugh and then I'm ready to take tons of pictures!

You can't imagine.....or maybe you crazy it is trying to get four little ones together, looking at the camera at the same time. This picture is pretty funny. The forced smile on L.J's face is just too much! You have to bribe him to get him to sit with his cousins and he had gotten down, once again. You can see the funny expressions on his face. He has great expressions. That is his little trademark!

Here is L.J with a candy corn between his teeth!

This picture of him is just too much! He is Spider Man! His little eyes aren't even in line with the slits on the mask! I think it is just so funny! He wanted that pumpkin up close to his face each time. Pretty cute though!

Look at baby Tigger! His face wasn't painted in this one, but he is so adorable! He is becoming more animated each time I see him. L.J wanted to hold baby "E". So....that he did!

Here they are again. Not looking too badly. Unfortunately, this is the best picture that I have with Gianna in it. I will get more of her in her costume in the next couple of days.....since she changes her clothes many times a day. She will be happy to put her costume back on and pose. She's four now. She is happy to cooperate with her grandmother!

Lil' Tigger here......with face paint and all! He didn't know what was going on but he walked the neighborhood with daddy and his sister's and never made a peep! I didn't mean that he "walked"....cause he can't yet. But his daddy carried him the entire time. BTW....this costume was L.J's his first Halloween.

This is the good witch.....looking so pretty in her costume!

The kids brought home lot's of sugary loot! Mommy and I looked through it and declared that it was all safe and edible! The funny thing is....Kelli rations out the candy. Gianna would eat nothing but if she could. She loves candy! Chocolate is her very favorite. Mine too! Hailee doesn't have much of a sweet tooth....she never really has. L.J definitely loves the sugary stuff. He has the "I love candy" gene! Is there such a thing? There must be. Because my mom loved chocolate, I love chocolate & Kelli loves it too! There has to be some truth to that.

I hope that all of you had a safe & fun Halloween. And for us with grandchildren....we'll do it all again next year!