Thursday, October 09, 2008

The flower of Fall!

Applewood Farms 111, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

There were so many different varieties of mum's. I thought these colors were the absolute most beautiful. I am always drawn to these colors when it comes to Fall flowers. These pots were only $5.00 each. I thought that was so reasonable. I didn't buy any of these at Applewood Farms. I had already purchased mine at the grocery store for the same price.

I don't want to overload with too many picture's. So I will post more within the next day or so.

Happy Friday! TGIF!!!!!


Applewood Farms 110, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

The mum's were so beautiful! The girl's thought that these were the prettiest!

Applewood Farms 074, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

There were a lot of butterflies on these pretty daisies. I'm not sure what kind of butterfly it is......but I thought it was very pretty.

Applewood Farms 123, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

On the ride back to the barn, it was just us and another family of four. It was a really nice ride back.

Here is Hailee with her pumpkins. She is very artistic and has an eye for color. She really liked the green pumpkin....her mommy suggested that they make that one the spooky pumpkin.

Applewood Farms 115, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

We managed to carry five pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. I have no idea how that was accomplished. I told the girl's that the one's they chose, they would have to carry them. Gianna dropped hers so many times....but it stayed intact. Hailee carried hers and somehow, I was able to carry three pumpkins. We rode back from the patch to the main barn where they were weighed and I paid for them. All five pumpkins was just under $20. The cost per pound was $.40.

Applewood Farms 120, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Hailee is in the pumpkin patch......looking for the perfect pumpkin. We wondered around there for 30 minutes. The girl's would find a pumpkin and as we would be walking out, they would find a pumpkin that they liked more. This went on for a few times.

I especially like this picture. Hailee is squinting and partially hidden behind these tall grasses.

Applewood Farms 095, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

There were many pumpkins to choose from, but we wanted to go to the pumpkin patch and pick our own. Gianna was happy to sit on these pumpkins for a quick picture.

All Aboard.......

Applewood Farms 032, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

I asked the conductor of the Applewood Farm's train if he would pose for a picture with these two little beauties! He invited them to climb aboard.