Sunday, September 07, 2008


Don't think for one minute that I would get on one of these! I am terrified of motorcycles. I had "fear" drilled into my head from a very early age. My father's brother had been killed on one when he was in his 20's. My mother forbid me to even sit my behind on one. And I didn't. You would never want to see the wrath of my mother. It wasn't a pretty picture!

I probably sound old fashioned and not "with the times". But I really don't like motorcycles at all. I see how people drive them when I'm in my car and I can't believe the tricks that some of these people do. I should direct this to the "young at heart" because when I say people, I don't mean our age people. I think people our ages would definitely think two or three times before buying an apparatus like the one pictured. I think they are referred to as "crotch rockets". I won't even elaborate on that one.

My whole reasoning for even writing about this motorcycle thing is because my oldest son mentioned to me about a month ago that he was going to buy one of these. He works approximately 45 minutes from his home and with the price of gas he thinks that riding this to work will save him lots of money.

He brought pictures along to show me and tried to soften me up on the idea. Well, it just doesn't work for me. He registered for classes because he wants to do the right thing. He wants to know all he can learn about safety. He's 36 and I assure you he is not getting this "bike" for racing purposes. I did ask him why he wasn't getting a Harley. I thought since he has his mind made up about getting a bike he would want to get a Harley. He said they were very expensive and that he wanted to get a Suzuki; something he would grow into. Now what in the heck does that mean? I didn't like the explanation that he gave me and I don't understand these things.

I asked him if he has ever seen the maniacs out on the road that I have. Weaving in and out of traffic and pulling wheelies. Coming within inches of cars. Some with helmets and some without. I even went as far as saying that maybe he should try to find someone to take him out on Interstate 95 and the 695 Beltway just to be able to relate to the noise that he will be hearing. Cause these are the roads that he will be taking to work. And then what about the weather? So it starts out being a beautiful day and at the end of your shift it has started to snow or worse yet, it has been snowing for a few hours. What happens then?

I am his mother, for heaven's sake. I will worry my self frantically about his safety. I have asked him repeatedly not to get this think about his three year old son that would be devastated if anything were to happen to him. He assures me that he plans on using this bike safely and that he is going to be fine. So it sounds like he has made up his mind. And because he is an adult and doesn't have to listen to his mother, he will do what he wants.

Just because our children are adults and have their own lives now does not mean that we as parents do not worry about them. I'm sure that every parent must have these same feelings. We brought them into this world and our job was to nuture and protect them. Well I still want to protect them. They are on my mind at all times. And of course I rarely tell them this because they would think that I was a freak. And I am to a certain degree. I worry about things......someone has too!

Have any of you ever experienced this kind of thing with your children? Maybe it wasn't a motorcycle. Maybe it was a snowboard, skies or a sports car. But you felt the same way as I do.

Should I try dealing with this another way? And how would that be? Or do I just have to suck it up and pray to our Dear Lord and Savior that he will give the protection that is needed to keep him safe from harm?