Friday, August 08, 2008


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Here we go!

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Another ride that H & G went on in O.C. I just love how colorful these pictures are. They had so much fun.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


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These pictures of the kids on the rides bring back many memories of when I was a child, and my parents taking us on the boardwalk to ride the carousel. I remember stepping on the carousel after it came to a stop and running to find the perfect horse. One that was colorful and went up and down while sitting on it. As the carousel turned, I always had my mom in my sight as it made a complete circle, going past her once again.

Well, those same rides are still on the boardwalk. The carousel is still running and the little boats that you could sit in, each attached by a metal bar, circling in the water are also still there. There are bumper cars and a shooting gallery. And of course they've added more things and updated the place too. But it is still called Trimper Rides.

I know that a few of my readers are from Maryland and would be familiar with those rides and the boardwalk in Ocean City. And if you are, you will surely remember the Thrasher's French Fries and Fisher's Caramel Popcorn. Those are two of the most important things to eat when visiting there. Everyone in my family still makes at least one trip back to the "ocean" every summer. And we say, "we're going to the oshun hun". It's a Baltimore twang! But if you live here, you know how to speak it!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


or do you blog because it seems to be the trend?

When I started this blog about three years ago, I really didn't have any expectations of where it would go. I knew very little of what blogging was. My daughter was the one who encouraged me.....she had begun her own blog and in a short time had a good number of people who were following her daily. Then from her blog I started linking to other blogs. And before long, the blogging bug bit me! I was hooked......line and sinker!

Today, my daughter hasn't blogged in about one year. Her life has changed in a wonderful way. She has a new addition to her family; a baby who is now 5 months old and has brought much love to his family. He has joined two doting sister's that can't seem to keep their little hands off of him and are forever trying to make him smile and belly laugh. Most of you who follow along know all about baby "E". My daughter has little time for blogging.....and besides that, she doesn't even have the Internet now. She keeps thinking that she's going to get it back because she likes to read her favorite blogs too.

My life has changed over the last few years too. Even though I am still employed full time, when I retreat to my home at 4:30 p.m., honestly, I do have time on my hands. I don't have to be too terribly concerned about cooking a meal for a hungry family member. Not that I don't cook because I do. But if I don't feel like cooking, I simply don't. My point was, before I got carried away with cooking, was that most nights I am on my computer from the time I get home until the time I go to bed. Unless of course I decide that some clothes need washing or the bathrooms could use a good cleaning. Or the nights that I go to see my grandchildren and come home right at bed time. And of course, I always check my e-mail just in case someone has left a comment on my last post! Blogging has become a part of my life too. Something I enjoy immensely and look forward too.

Most of the people that I work with know that I have a blog. If I talk about it or refer to someone else's blog, people look at me and some have questioned me about it. No one in my office blogs. I think that they perceive me as different because I do. No one has ever asked to read my blog and I never offer information about it. If someone would show interest I would gladly direct them to it. But, if I just talk about photography and my love of that and that someday I want to own my first SLR, they seem to relate to that easily. To me, blogging and photography....they go together....they need each other.

I've often wondered if anyone else has experienced this same thing. Many of you are wonderful, interesting writers. You keep me coming back over and over. Do any of your co-workers blog? If they don't blog, have you discussed your blogging with them and what are their reactions? Do you keep track of your statistics or are you not concerned and never read them. What I find I do is that I am always looking at the areas that people are linking from. And I musn't tell a fib! I do get a little excited that someone has found me from out of the United States.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this. Comments are welcome!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Shark on beach in O.C.

Shark on beach in O.C., originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

This six foot plus shark washed up on the beach on Friday while Kelli, Aaron and the kids were there. It wasn't completely dead when it washed up....but mostly. The beach patrol came quickly to the rescue and tried using wet blankets to cover it, hoping to save it's life. I know they are dangerous but they still are beautiful and it kind of makes me feel badly that it could have suffered.

Just look at the fishing line protruding from it's mouth. I've never seen fishing line like that. I know.....when you're out at sea and trying to catch something huge you need fishing line like that. It just was a shock for me to see heavy duty wire like that. I guess whomever snagged it may have realized they had a shark and decided to cut the line.

And even though I hear the Jaw's song over and over in my head and don't like going out into the water, cause I'm such a wuss, I still think that sharks are fascinating and I have a lot of respect for the ocean and all the critters in it.