Sunday, May 11, 2008

A for three ducks!

On my way to my daughter's house today, I drove to a shopping center near her home because I needed to pick up a few things to take to her. As I'm driving through a couple of different areas to get to the store, I look over to my left and happen to see three ducks and a huge black bird which I thought could possibly be a crow. The ducks were sitting in the grass and the bird was standing close by. I stopped my car and just observed for a while.

I couldn't believe what I was actually seeing. As you will see in the pictures, there is a large grassy field where the ducks were sitting. In front of the grassy field you will see water. That water is actually a huge hole in the parking lot/road that has filled up with water and thus giving these little guys their own "pond". Cars were coming and going past this little pond and the ducks were not the least bit concerned. I've just come to the conclusion that those ducks don't give a darn what or where the water is. They just like water; mud and water, scum and water, it doesn't matter.

When I got to my daughter's, I told her what I had seen. And she said that those ducks are over there in that little pond all of the time. She even said, "Aaron drove throught that big puddle before mom. And it was really deep. We almost needed someone to come and pull us out". Um, okay then. Should I tell him that he really shouldn't drive through standing water?

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