Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today was a warm, sunny day in Maryland. We didn't get the predicted "cloudy, possible rain and thunderstorm" forecasted. It was very hot in the sun, but the breeze was so beautiful you just didn't mind it. I'll take this kind of weather for the entire Summer! I hope that we can have at least a month or two of this as I am dreading the drasted hot, humid and rancid weather that is sure to hit here way too soon for me.

Little "G" spent last night with mom-mom. She was up and about at 6:30 a.m., ready to put a fork or spoon in her mouth, with food of some kind to nourish her hungry tummy! The minute her eyes open she wants to chow down. If only I was kidding. We have a nickname for her......THE EATING MACHINE! After eating cheerios with milk and sipping on some apple juice, we managed to get parts of "Curious George" and "Enchanted" in between her request to take a bath and play in the tub with toys. And around 8:30 a.m. she just happened to mention that she was ready for lunch and asked for New England clam chowder. I put her off for a little while, but then she repeatedly kept saying that, "I want clam chowder, mom-mom". So, I heated up some of that and she ate some, not much and announced that she was ready to get down and play some more.

At around 10:30 a.m. we were out of here! We left and went back to her house where we joined her mommy and baby brother and proceeded to go the the Farmer's Market in our little town. They were in the process of closing up and taking down so we didn't even get out of the car. We decided that since Kelli was very hungry, we would go out to lunch. Oh! I forgot to mention that Gianna told me, as we were leaving and driving up the street, that she was ready for lunch! I told her that she had just eaten clam chowder. She said, " That was dinner, mom-mom". All-righty then! Back to Kelli being hungry. So we headed over to a little dive in town that serves up some good omelets and bagels! And Gianna had another breakfast there. By now I'm sure that you are starting to understand where I'm coming from with this little one called "THE EATING MACHINE"!

We had a lovely afternoon and even managed to get a little shopping in too. Once we were back to my daughters house, and the girl's were outside playing, I just so happened to have one of my toys with me. So I was able to get these cute shots of the girls.

I hope that your week-end is a lovely one too. Enjoy it! Monday will be here all too soon. And for those of you who don't have to go out to work.........but work very hard at home.........Monday will still be here all too soon! So there! I still hope you have a great week-end!

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Monday, April 21, 2008


Today at work, I heard that little ding from my cellphone. I love hearing it.......because I know that either my daughter or son has sent me a text message with a picture. I'm always up for looking at my grandchildren. I know that isn't any surprise to anyone who reads by blog. So, I go to my message center and find this picture of L.J. It tickles my insides to see him holding his little fishing rod and that look on his face is priceless. I text back, and barely finish sending it and in walks my son and L.J. What a surprise! So they spent about one-half hour with me and off they go to visit my daughter. I love,love,love when my kids bring up my grandchildren to my office......BRAG, BRAG, BRAG! I can't help it! They are just so darn cute!

Enough of that......I just wanted you to see L.J. fishing for his very first time. He now knows about bobbers, bites and casting. He's all set......maybe he'll get his first fish next time.

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