Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hailee is so proud that she has "both" of her front teeth missing! I guess I would be proud too if I could have pulled my own loose, barely hanging by a thread, tooth or teeth, for that matter. She even "works on them" to make them become more loose. She has shown me how she could bend one of her loose ones, all the way back in the opposite direction. Nah! I would never have done that in a million years. That's just WRONG!!!

Once upon a long time ago, I remember saying to my dad, "Daddy, my tooth is getting loose". Whining as I said it too. I did not like getting a loose tooth. And I didn't want my dad to go and pull it. I be darn if every time I said, "Daddy, my tooth is loose", he would always say, "let me see it". I knew what my dad was gonna do, but I still let him pretend to be just "looking at it". The next thing I knew, he had my tooth between his fingers. The thought of him pulling those things out still make me quiver!

So for Hailee to pull her own teeth out.......well, she's a brave little girl. The only thing she has to say about both of them out in the front is that her tongue gets in the open space and makes her "talk funny". It's not funny at all. It is just down right cute!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I couldn't wait for the cord to fall off! I have been waiting since his birth to give him his first bath. Well, Sunday was the day.

I kid you not one bit! Elijah did not whimper or have one little tear in his beautiful eyes! In fact, I really think that he enjoyed it. I know that I did. It took all of five minutes cause I didn't want him to get too cold. Mommy, daddy and Hailee all stood around and videoed his first time in his tub and all of his nakedness too. Some really cute pictures were taken. Here are a couple of them. And he has his eyes open too! Yay!

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sherbert, anyone?

Sherbert eating girls!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Two of my favorite girls eating sherbert in mom-mom's bed. Both of the girl's have stayed with me on a couple of occasions.........usually it had only been Hailee. Now that Gianna is all potty-trained and wearing big girl panties, she will be staying more too. She may be younger, but she thinks she can do everything that Hailee can do.


Here he is - 18 days old. He is growing at leaps and bounds and already is close to 10 pounds. He is a sweet, cuddly baby who is loved by the whole family!