Tuesday, February 12, 2008


You are 7 years old today! You are growing up so quickly. Mommy and I are always saying that we don't want you to grow up. We want you to stay little. You always laugh and say, "But I want to grow up"! We always smile, but inside we know that these tender years are going by so quickly.

You have brought so much joy to our family. You were my first grandchild! I remember the day you came home from the hospital and I thought you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I remember laying beside you on the bed and wondered what you would look like at one year old. You were adored and loved from the moment you were born. We have had so much fun with you and done so many things together. And there is so much more fun to have.

Hailee, I love your sensitivity and kindness. You have such a big heart for a little girl. And your spirituality is unbelieveable. Sometimes the things you say just amaze me and I thank God for the gift of you! I am so thankful to have you in my life......you are pure joy to all who know and love you.

Always stay the sweet little girl you are. You are so special to all of us. I hope that this birthday is a great one for you. And never forget that we love you with all our heart!


Baby B

Brenda - 1951, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Here I am just beginning to toddle aound. I look happy in this picture. I'm commenting about my little smile because I have been told that I wasn't a very happy baby. I wanted to be held all of the time. According to my sister, my mother had to iron with me on her hip. Poor mommy!

My mother and me!

My mother and me!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

My mom looks so pretty in this picture. I'm sure it was probably hotter than heck at the time this picture was taken. It had to be late summer......just look at how tan my mom looks!

Do you see the stroller on the right hand side of the picture? Oh....I remember what those strollers look like. If you can envision them then and think about how far baby accessories have come.....well, it is just amazing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brenda & Rusty

Brenda & Rusty, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

I've been looking through some old photo's and found this one. I think that it is so cute of my brother and me. I can stil remember that swing and the front porch on that old house on Tilghman Street. Funny how some things you just never forget. I was five when we moved from there to the house that I grew up in and didn't leave until I got married at 19.

Would you look at the haircut? I look like I have the "dutch boy" haircut. Remember that one? My hair was as straight as a stick and very thick. I remember my mom saying funny things about my hair as she was trying to cut my bangs. She said, "it's not easy cutting that hair". I think I had the same hair style for many, many years.