Saturday, February 02, 2008

This is Lily!

This is Lily!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Doesn't she look sweet? Well....she picks her times to be sweet. Usually not so much with me. Except for the last couple of days she is stuck with me. My son, who she adores, is visiting his dad in another state. I am not allowed to pick her up. However, if I am sitting in a recliner chair, she finds that acceptable so she will jump up and lay in my lap. If I attempt to nuzzle or snuggle with her too much she will immediately get down. She will not even let me pull her up close to me. I have a name for her.......I won't use it here!

She will walk around my condo and meow and meow and meow.....especially if she thinks my son should be home. She has a built in clock of her own. She will listen for his car and will be at the door to greet him each night that he comes in. If he is later than usual and she feels like he should be home.......she walks around in circles and cries. I have to keep calling her to come to me and try to shut her up. This goes on until I finally just have to go to my room and shut the is sooooo annoying.

I debated about getting another cat after having Morris(another post). He was so much like a person. You know.....coming to the door when the doorbell rings to greet you is pretty darn smart. He had so much personality and would kitty talk all of the time. Just the sweetest cat. I am convinced that male cat's are sweeter and more friendly. At least that has been my experience....well, I have to admit that my other son's cat is very sweet and female. But back to Lily. It's a good thing she is so smart. Cause I think I'd have to toss her. She will fetch her mice.....over and over. She does do some cute things. So with all of that said.....I guess I'll keep her.....the miss calico cutie!

Posing with her sweet eyes!

Lily kitty!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

One lazy kitty!

One lazy kitty!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.