Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa, I want a Nintendo DS.....

For Christmas this year, Hailee had in her mind that she wanted one thing. She consistently would name the Nintendo DS as what she just "had to have". Her first experience with this hand-held game apparently came at school. One of her classmates must have brought one in.....and she even specified on her wish list that she wanted a red one.

Santa was able to deliver the Nintendo DS to Hailee. She hasn't been too far from it since she was surprised on Christmas morning. She has two games that she goes back and forth between. One of them is Petz Bunnyz and My Baby Girl. When I learned that she was interested in this system, I had gone online and found My Baby Girl and had ordered it for her. I had the game a couple of weeks before Christmas, even before mommy & daddy purchased the game system. I wanted to make sure that she at least got one game that she really wanted. Now I've come to learn that there are thousands of games that could be purchased. There are games for everyones interest.

From what I have been hearing, it appears as though the Nintendo DS is not just for kids, but for adults as well. We all know that many of us are kids at heart...especially the men in my family!!!!! There are Nintendo's, Playstation's and I wouldn't be surprised if one of my son's has all systems including the X Box. You know that saying, "the only difference between a man and a boy are the size of his toys". I know that my son's were big game players when they were younger and my oldest son still would be if he could find the time.

What I find so interesting in the Nintendo DS is its size and how perfect it is for kids to bring along with them in the car to keep them occupied. Also there are all kinds of games.....even cooking instructions for young children to learn to cook with a parent. I played with the Petz Bunnyz.....but not for long. Hailee wanted it back. Imagine that! I think that with anything like this you may need to limit the time spent playing with it. Even though it is an educational toy, you can't replace interacting with the family unit.

I understand that Nintendo DS has been out for a couple of years now. This Christmas is the first time of hearing about it for me. The price is around $125, which isn't cheap by any means. The games range in price from $15.00 right on up. But if you are looking for something educational that will be useful for a very long time, you may want to consider this for your child or your grandchild. And certainly there will be responsibility for any child who receives this gift.

Hailee is almost eight and I can see that she is very protective of her new toy. She remembers to put the games away in the storage case and even knows about recharging it when the battery becomes low. I think her mommy & daddy made a good choice for her.

I'd love to hear of any info you may have about the DS. If you have a family member who owns one and loves it or if you own it and have found that it is just a piece of crap, I'd like to hear that too!


Mary said...

Oh, Brenda. You made me howl with that last paragraph!


the only difference between a man and a boy are the size of his toys". HOW TRUE!

I can't give any advice on the Nintendo - it's been many years since we had one in our house. It was a blast of fun. You could get hooked, you know.

I'm glad Hailee is enjoying it and also taking great care.


Brenda said...

I have been out of the loop with these things for many years now, but when our grandchildren get involved with them, I am sure we will find out more. I know my cousin's grand daughters like webkins, some kind of an interactive computer something. I don't know enough about it to talk about it, so I'll leave this for someone who knows more than me. Happy New Year BJ!!!

Rudee said...

Sounds like someone else could use a Nintendo DS. I adored playing Mario Bros and Donkey Kong with my kids. As for Hailee, her foray into electronic heaven with this piece is only just the first step. So is the price. The hardware and software only gets more shocking in price from here on out. She doesn't want a Wii yet?

Wanda said...

I am such a dummie when it comes to these kids toys ~~ if you can call them toys...

My grandsons have what I think is probably a DS.. My granddaughter has something that does everything but clean her room. Even gets the internet....
Oh my I was so happy with a baby doll when I was a young girl, but then BJ, I'm an antique!!!!

Loved your narative on this one!!
Happy New Year, dear friend.

Love the picture of you and Elijah in the sidebar.... darling!

cat's momma said...

I actually hadn't hear of Nintendo DS and I think it shows for kids above 3 years old? She sounds very responsible when it comes to recharging and not losing her games!

Sandy said...

Hi BJ: Loved reading your post and all about Hailee. Hunt has a DS, and a playstation 3 I think. His dad has the newest Xbox. Hunt brings his DS hear when he comes over.

I want to get a WII, because I played on it up at my sis and really liked the bowling...

and there are fitness routines which she does every day.

We have a used game store near us where Hunt sometimes gets his games. Much cheaper...for the playstation that is

Hava a wonderful New Year. Have so enjoyed knowing you through blogging the last couple of years.

T and S said...

Hi BJ : You have a wonderful blog. The snow falling all over the screen is just magical. I noticed that yours is a well written blog with some amazing pictures to go along.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and leave a comment on my blog...Thomas