Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moon Shot!

I'm practicing my moon shots! I've used google alot tonight, searching for instructions on how to do this. I was able to get a couple of pictures and then suddenly the clouds completely covered it and that was it! Too bad, because I was really getting into it.

If anyone can make any suggestions for really good pictures of the moon, I'd be a great listener.
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Rudee said...

beautiful. what kind of camera do you have? your bird pics were good too.

Marsha said...

I think it is a beautiful shot! shooting the moon is one thing I do not have much luck with :-)

cat's momma said...

Wait a minute! That IS a good moon shot! I've never gotten a shot like this where it looks like it was taken through a telescope.

Sandy said...

waving hi, would love to email you but afraid of any viruses still....

missing you all.

Wanda said...

I just got a new camera, and I want to try some shots I never did before.

The moon is a good target.

I think your moon shot is lovely.

"Full moon, empty arms" we said as teenagers.

Mary said...

BJ, that's a smokey moon. I like it.

I once took a fabbo moon shot with my Kodak camera. If there was a space shuttle landed, you would have seen it. I haven't yet mastered moons with my Fuji. But will try. Sorry I don't have any suggestions. We just need to work the hell out of our cameras, that's all.

Cold in MD? I'm hoping for snow in Charlotte this year. A foot of it because I miss it. Then I'll shovel it and be done with it :o) Love the snow but hate the mess.

I hope you have a lively, happy, laughing Thanksgiving with your sweet little grandchildren and family.

I haven't seen my Dad in five months and I miss him. I might drive to Maryland during Christmas break IF there's no ice or snow threats between NC and MD. But, it will be a quick trip to visit him and my brother. A longer trip is planned in March...I HATE that drive.