Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Psychic Hotline. What's your question?

UPDATE - Tonight as I was sitting in my car with the windows down, in the church parking lot, reading about Catholicism and waiting to go inside to the class, I smelled that sweet smell again. This time the scent was that of mum's. I breathed in the smell for several minutes. I even looked around, thinking that those mum's had to be close by. Of course there were no flowers in sight. I was in the middle of a parking lot, for heaven's sake! Immediately I felt that my late husband was there with me. That he was giving me this sign to let me know that he approved of where I was and the reason for being there.

You're probably wondering why I would post this sign. And a few of you are aware that my name is "Brenda". I go by BJ just because it's much easier than giving my full name. I have a Polish last marriage, of course. And it's just easier to give the short of both. And because my late husband's name was Bob, this sign had significant meaning to me.

I encountered this sign when I was in Tennessee in June. My nephew, his wife and his two daughter's, and my sister and I went to a little eat-in restaurant....where we enjoyed a light dinner. As we were leaving, my nephew pointed out this sign. When I saw it, my mouth dropped open and out came, "oh my gosh". To say that I was dumb-founded would be an understatement. I felt all kinds of emotions.....I had goose bumps that covered my body. Chills ran up and down my spine. At that immediate moment I knew that this was a sign from my husband, letting me know that he was there with me. And I didn't want to leave without taking a picture of it.

I have had a number of different experiences since he passed away. For many years I would dream that he had left me for another woman. The other woman was never really clear in the dream. It was always that he just wasn't with me but with someone else. It was so real......and it really did disturb me. In fact, I thought about seeking counseling because even if I wasn't dreaming it, I was thinking about those dreams a lot. I mentioned my dreams to a few of my closest friends. And I really believe that through talking about it, it helped me to come to terms with why I might be having them.

Another experience that I had was soon after he had died I had been sleeping and awakened to the feeling that the covers were being pulled from the bed and the sensation that someone was getting off of the bed. It was so real that I could not open my eyes. I laid there, afraid. Eventually I opened my eyes and felt that my husband had visited me there. In my thinking, he was there with me. I will always believe that.

What I'm about to tell you is simply ironic. But this is what happened. One morning as I was coming down the stairs, I smelled the sweetest smell of flowers. The smell that I associate with a funeral home. It was so sweet and I savored that smell. I didn't say anything to my daughter because it had been a difficult few weeks and I tried very hard to hold myself together as best I could for all of us. She was missing her dad very much. But she said to me, "Mom, I just smelled the sweetest smell. It smelled like flowers". When she said that I had to tell her of my same experience.

The smell of flowers didn't end there. My husband's brother, who passed away this past June, called me frequently after my husband's passing. Both he and his wife were just wonderful to me. But on one of the evenings that he called, he mentioned to me that he had been in his home and had smelled the sweet aroma of flowers too. I shared both my daughters and my experience with him about "flowers". We laughed about it and we agreed that "he" was making his rounds and making sure that we knew he was there with each of us.

It wasn't too long after that that I received a phone call from my husband's daughter who lives in Florida. And she proceeded to tell me a story of an experience that she had just had. You guessed it!

I rarely dream of him. But he is constantly on my mind. I think of him and talk about him all of the time. It has been almost five and a half years and I still miss him terribly. I don't cry as much anymore. But at certain times my longing for him and thinking of him is accelerated. An of course, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are always the worse.

I wrote this post, not because I am seeking sympathy. I am really doing fine. And time does have a way of lessening the aching of the heart. I wrote this post because I often wonder if anyone else has ever experienced anything like I have written about. If you have, I would love to hear about your experiences. Do you think that you can have connections to the deceased? Or do you think I am just plain crazy? Well, I am a little crazy. But aren't we all? You have to be to be able to survive in this world.


Brenda said...

I am glad that you wrote all these thoughts out BJ. The fact that so many others smelled the same sweet smell of flowers is a story that should be shared, so other people that have these experiences don't think they are nuts. Bob was for sure there. I really believe that spirits are among us. I smell things that others don't pretty often, and I have heard other people tell experiences similar to yours about smells. Many times I have feelings about something that may happen, like a premonition, and sometimes it turned out to be bad things. I don't like when that happens.
You have made me think about maybe telling a story of my own. It would be too long to comment here.
I'll check back later.

Rudee said...

I do believe in these types of things. I will tell you that my patients often speak to and say they hear their deceased loved ones. I don't doubt that means we'll see them when it's our turn. I sure hope so.

He is obviously with you and sending you his signs. You're blessed because your heart is open to receive them. I like the picture and the caption.

Marsha said...

As I was thinking what to write I read through the other comments and Rudee said exactly what I was thinking..."he is with you and sending you signs and you're blessed because your heart is open to receive them".

I personally have not experienced signs such as this but many times I have had a sense of "deja vu" that baffles me.

Sandy said...

BJ: Great reading this and I have NO doubt he is letting you know he is there with you. The sign was perfect, ...

I have so many stories I could tell about contact after my mom died, after my brother died, it would take way too long but there was definite contact...very obvious ones too.

I'm glad you are doing better with it but also understand how much you must miss him.

The Crusty Crone said...

What a beautiful post.

I have experienced many similar things that you shared... only I didn't have so many people verify the same experience (the fragrance of flowers).

For several months, or perhaps a year (time got screwed up), every once in a while I would see someone who had the same body build as 'my guy' and it would really shock me for a moment. Especially the first couple of times. He was fairly tall and very very slender. I would see guys who looked like that from the back and I'd have to catch my breath. They even dressed like he did and moved the same way.

Rosy said...

Wow I can relate to what you been going through myself! Recently we lost a close friend of ours here the last part of August..even though he wasn't here with us any more in body he is with us in spirit.
We have been smelling his cologne on seperate occasions, one of my friends said that when he was sitting at the bus stop by himself told me that he could smell his cologne and he thought he was going nuts, another friend also said she could smell his cologne at her home out in the garage and told me that John never been to her house and couldn't figure it out.

There has been many other types experinces that we also been experincing as well since his death, even the helpers who had helped me cleaned his apartment who had never met the man has had experinces of seeing him and other odd things happenings when away from that apartment as well.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Hello to my dear friend, BJ!!
You are still obviously in pain and I can relate having lost my Mom almost 5 years ago. It really had to be a shock for you to see the sign, that is too coincidental! Crazy, not in a bad way, it just takes time for the aching to subside. My Mom told me many years ago, "The pain will go away, but the memories will always be with you." So many times, I have the urge to call my Mom on the phone, as we talked almost every day and I dream of her too, but can never talk with her like I would want to. My heart goes out to you BJ, I suppose time may heal our wounds...from one Brenda to another, it must be the intense love in our hearts!

Mary said...

BJ, he's with you. I do believe we will always "feel" the ones we love...

I had an experience just four hours after my Mom passed. I returned to their home to care for my Dad, bound to a wheelchair. I was making his dinner and getting ready to feed him. Their cat, Ditty, was outside and refused to come inside, so I slammed the storm door tight and told her, "you snooze, you lose".

My Mom would not have liked that one bit!

I fed Dad. While I was washing the dishes, I heard my Dad call my Mom's name, "Helen!"

A minute later, I turned in the kitchen to see Ditty in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I'm not crazy. It happened and there's no other reason...Mom was there, protecting her cat.

So, dear BJ, he's still with you!