Monday, August 04, 2008

Shark on beach in O.C.

Shark on beach in O.C., originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

This six foot plus shark washed up on the beach on Friday while Kelli, Aaron and the kids were there. It wasn't completely dead when it washed up....but mostly. The beach patrol came quickly to the rescue and tried using wet blankets to cover it, hoping to save it's life. I know they are dangerous but they still are beautiful and it kind of makes me feel badly that it could have suffered.

Just look at the fishing line protruding from it's mouth. I've never seen fishing line like that. I know.....when you're out at sea and trying to catch something huge you need fishing line like that. It just was a shock for me to see heavy duty wire like that. I guess whomever snagged it may have realized they had a shark and decided to cut the line.

And even though I hear the Jaw's song over and over in my head and don't like going out into the water, cause I'm such a wuss, I still think that sharks are fascinating and I have a lot of respect for the ocean and all the critters in it.


Richard Hull said...

Nice blog! Interesting pictures.

Wanda said...

Oh BJ what an interesting picture of that shark ~~ really up close and personal. I had your same feelings as I read your post.

Our daughter Julie has been sick for several weeks now with something intestinal, but test, after test and they are still searcing...I've been watching the kids, and havent't had time to read and comment much.

I scrolled down and looked at all the pictures I had missed and they are so wonderful.

Love them all!

Sandy said...

Wow, what a photo...

poor agree, sharks are so dangerous but to see anything suffer, that's sad.

love the new banner....


Rudee said...

That is an amazing picture. Poor guy-I hope he didn't suffer. I wouldn't swim in the LAKE for 2 years after I saw Jaws. You couldn't convince me there were no sharks in Lake Huron. hahahahahaha. I'm every so slightly sensitive to things like this. Lets not talk about the movie Psycho and what that did to showering while home alone.....

Brenda said...

I left a comment yesterday, but I guess it didn't go through. I feel the same way as you about the shark. It was scary that the kids were there at the time this happened. But is it rare that the sharks get close to the shore? I don't know very much about sea life.

The Woman said...

aw sad, i wish people would leave animals alone even the sharks

Mary said...

I feel the same way you do, BJ. I always think of the suffering...

Very sad.

Mother Goose said...

holy freak! I wish I were there to see it! I know my goslings would have loved to have seen this.

BJ said...

Richard - thanks for stopping by. I love seeing new visitors. I have a lot to say about my if you are so inclined to hear about them, by all means, please stop back by. Most of my rantings are about them!

Wanda - I hope that Julie is feeling better. I'm so sorry that she has been so sick. Thanks for stoping by and commenting. I love seeing you here. Hugs to you.

Rudee - your comment made me laugh. Maybe no sharks in the lake....but what about Nessie the "lake monster"? You better think again about that lake! And your sense of humor.

Sandy - If you go to flickr I have a few other pics of the shark. Still makes me sad thinking about it.

Brenda - I guess your comment didn't post....not surprising. Sometimes that happens. But yea, I guess it's no one's fault about hooking the shark....I just feel badly that it didn't make it. And even though sharks aren't supposed to come close to can't convince me of that. I'm such a wuss!

Anne & Mary - I agree. Just leave the poor things alone. Thanks for commenting.

Mother Goose - nice to see you here! Always love new readers. My daughter called from the beach to tell me about the shark. She said that beach patrol had tried putting wet blankets on the shark....unfortunately the shark was close to death at that point.
Soon after it did die. Very sad!

Wanda said...

Oh BJ ~~ I have read all the other comments and Sandy's really hit me, as I realize what a selfish person I am, because I seem always to enclude myself in comments. I'm really going to work on that!!
Sandy is such a sweetheart and a truly "real" person, and I respect everything she says.

I totally agree, without pictures I wouldn't be blogging.

Blogging started with me with Darlene and Angela two young women I was mentoring up north in our church. They became like daughters to me. Darlene shared her blog and at that time she was sharing her lupus illness and the day to day things she was experiencing.
My life is a series of stories, as is everyone, but I see things in pictures and I love to write, and journal ~~ Also, it was a way to share my love of watercolors. So
February 2007 I started. I love having visitors and comments, but I don't keep track of the stats.

The people in our church up north didn't know that I had a blog ~~ but since we moved I've given the blog address to some. You know 3 of my 4 kids are not blogger friendly, and I cannot share their stories or pictures and that hurts... But I respect thier privacy.

Thus~~ my blog is more of a Public Diary ~~ daily happenings, and things I cook, or visit and when permitted the grandkids.

Thanks for a wonderful post. You have been a delightful encouragment me to me, and I love your are a pro with that camera.