Tuesday, August 12, 2008


L.J. with his serious face on. But I had to put him first. I haven't posted any of him recently....and he melts my heart. As do the other three.....I'm over the moon for these guys....could you tell?

I have been thinking alot lately of trying to post something that would be interesting to everyone. I have a few things that I've been toying with. But to go on and write the post I will need to go digging in boxes for pictures. I haven't unpacked all of my boxes since my move here to the condo, three years ago. I have zillions of pictures.....pictures that have never been put in albums. We took so many pictures over the years......a picture of this or a picture of that. The kids playing sports, graduation pictures, wedding pictures, our vacations, regular school pictures where you order the entire package and then never get them to the family members you thought would enjoy them. And the list could go on and on. And now finally, I have pictures saved on my desk top, on those memory sticks.....yada, yada, yada. I have to say....I LOVE digital photography. But that doesn't help me now. What am I ever gonna do with the zillions of pictures that are upstairs in boxes?

I know what I need to do. Get busy and go through them. It's just taking the time to do it. And since I won't be doing it now.....I will just have to post what I have pictures of now.....this very moment....you know. Those most adorable ones.....my little loves!!!!

Here they are.....more pictures of them in Ocean City. I'm gonna keep showing them until I've showed them all.....well, maybe not all, but alot of them. And I promise to get on the ball and write something...maybe something about me....maybe something that I've never shared before. That might be hard for me to do. I'll have to give that more thought. But until I give that more thought....here are these!

That's all folks!


Brenda said...

I know exactly what you mean!!! I have been thinking along the same lines as you for awhile now. All of our old photos have gotten so disorganized over the years. It is so hard to figure out how to get started on that project. It is also like looking through your life and having so many emotions overwhelm you..very hard.
But thanks for sharing these pictures. I never tire of seeing other Grandmas showing off their loved ones. I really liked the third photo of the girls running and giggling and her hair caught in motion. And the first one you posted is really picture perfect, well they all are!! The ocean looks so wonderful!

cat's momma said...

I also have boxes of pictures that I just move from place to place. It's very bittersweet to go through old photographs...I get almost too emotional, so I don't do it. My daughter can deal with them all some day.

The new pictures are great! I love the one where they're sitting on that sand face and the one where they're running from the water kind of towards the camera but at an angle ... lots of movement shows up in that one.

Your grandkids are so adorable.

Sandy said...

I like all the various things they are doing in the photos and always love to see that baby as he grows... so cute!! Who built that sand face...they did a great job. Love Gianna's face paint..hahahaha.

I have like you all, boxes and boxes of disorganized photos and like my sis (cat's momma), I find it almost painful to look at the past...bittersweet.

I really don't want to keep them until I'm gone, I'd rather hand them off but you know how guys are, I don't think they really care about getting tons of pics from their childhood.

Do you all save your digital photos on your computer, do you put them on disc, do you delete most of them...just wondering.

and ..anything you write Brenda BJ is always good....will look forward to whenever and whatever you write.

Wanda said...

Oh BJ your "Little Loves" are all so adorable.

Before we made our move to Southern CA...I went through my boxes of pictures (before digital) and separated them my my four children...I had a box for each of them and said it is now your turn to store pictures. I kept those treasured ones I wanted, and of course the history of mine and Don's family -- That box the kids can have when we are gone.

It really helped me organize and make my box a lot smaller.

I love when people post old pictures with the story behind it, hope you will do that soon.

Love and Hugs

Mary said...

Oh, that last photo made me smile wide! All of them are sweet, BJ. But a Baby's smile and laugh makes me melt.

Hey - I have boxes of photos, too. Plus, I have an old Gateway CPU with a few hundred photos stored on it - very special photos that I want. I'll need to hire someone to handle it because if I lose them in a transfer I'll die.


The Crusty Crone said...

Its no wonder you're so entranced with these grandkids... THEY'RE ADORABLE!!!

(I don't have to worry about photographs. One of my daughters took them so she could put them in archival albums, blah blah blah. She really took them because she didn't think I would take care of them (after toting them around for almost 30 yrs). Guess who lost the whole box... yup, you got it. Some times you just have to let them learn lessons the hard way.)

BJ said...

Thanks for all of your comments. Someday I will do what some of you have suggested....give them to the kids....if I don't die first. But if I do...then they will have to deal with them and can throw them away if they want.....at least I won't know. My daughter is as bad as I am.....about NOT putting photo's in albums. I keep giving her photo's of the kids, thinking she will at least organize them and put them in something. No way....she just has them all stacked up....maybe someday she will make an album for herself. I hope so.

Marsha said...

There's my favorite photo of the girls on the sand sculpture so I can click and see it in it's full size glory! I sure hope you frame that one, it is so cute & fun.

All these shots are fun but look at baby E's smile on the last one...just makes you want to kiss that adorable face doesn't it?

Jill said...

Oh my gosh Brenda - those babies are GORGEOUS!!!