Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Gianna!

Happy Birthday Gianna!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Mommy & mom-mom made the cake. Cute, ugh?


Brenda said...

Yum!!!!!! Can't believe you all made it! What are the candles made up of??? Great job on the cake and Happy Birthday to Gianna!

Sandy said...

It looks delicious!!! Happy birthday to Gianna....was it today or yesterday. Hunt was today.

cat's momma said...

That's a unique birthday cake...good job! Gianna looks very happy! I love the photos of the shoes too.

Marsha said...

Happy Birthday Gianna! what a fun cake and Minnie themed party you had. Grandma did a wonderful job helping with the cake and I love your sparkly shoes.

Grandma BJ, another fun event that you have shared of your family! I love seeing it all :-)

Wanda said...

Nothing better than a Birthday cake made by loving hands.

I'd sure like a piece...was is chocolate underneath that pretty green frosting?