Wednesday, August 06, 2008


or do you blog because it seems to be the trend?

When I started this blog about three years ago, I really didn't have any expectations of where it would go. I knew very little of what blogging was. My daughter was the one who encouraged me.....she had begun her own blog and in a short time had a good number of people who were following her daily. Then from her blog I started linking to other blogs. And before long, the blogging bug bit me! I was hooked......line and sinker!

Today, my daughter hasn't blogged in about one year. Her life has changed in a wonderful way. She has a new addition to her family; a baby who is now 5 months old and has brought much love to his family. He has joined two doting sister's that can't seem to keep their little hands off of him and are forever trying to make him smile and belly laugh. Most of you who follow along know all about baby "E". My daughter has little time for blogging.....and besides that, she doesn't even have the Internet now. She keeps thinking that she's going to get it back because she likes to read her favorite blogs too.

My life has changed over the last few years too. Even though I am still employed full time, when I retreat to my home at 4:30 p.m., honestly, I do have time on my hands. I don't have to be too terribly concerned about cooking a meal for a hungry family member. Not that I don't cook because I do. But if I don't feel like cooking, I simply don't. My point was, before I got carried away with cooking, was that most nights I am on my computer from the time I get home until the time I go to bed. Unless of course I decide that some clothes need washing or the bathrooms could use a good cleaning. Or the nights that I go to see my grandchildren and come home right at bed time. And of course, I always check my e-mail just in case someone has left a comment on my last post! Blogging has become a part of my life too. Something I enjoy immensely and look forward too.

Most of the people that I work with know that I have a blog. If I talk about it or refer to someone else's blog, people look at me and some have questioned me about it. No one in my office blogs. I think that they perceive me as different because I do. No one has ever asked to read my blog and I never offer information about it. If someone would show interest I would gladly direct them to it. But, if I just talk about photography and my love of that and that someday I want to own my first SLR, they seem to relate to that easily. To me, blogging and photography....they go together....they need each other.

I've often wondered if anyone else has experienced this same thing. Many of you are wonderful, interesting writers. You keep me coming back over and over. Do any of your co-workers blog? If they don't blog, have you discussed your blogging with them and what are their reactions? Do you keep track of your statistics or are you not concerned and never read them. What I find I do is that I am always looking at the areas that people are linking from. And I musn't tell a fib! I do get a little excited that someone has found me from out of the United States.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this. Comments are welcome!


Brenda said...

I started blogging to journal my grand daughter and also because my niece had started one and invited me to look at hers. Like you, the bug bit me and I just started spending a lot of time seeing what it is all about.
I agree that a blog without a picture is just not the same. Pictures add so much. I don't know what an SLR is or how you check statistics.
I don't have any friends of my own that blog. Only my daughter, niece and my daughter's friends, so I am glad to have gotten to know you and others by blogging.
I still have a lot to learn about it.
Oh yeah, I wanted to mention to you that my cousin also makes jewelry out of natural gem stones. She has taught me a lot about the healing powers of stones. I thought I remembered you saying you made jewelry.

Rudee said...

I started blogging to polish my writing skills. I've always loved creative writing and in my line of work, the only thing I get to write are facts. No more, no less. I started blogging when my husband was out of town for a month and I was a bit lonesome.

The big surprise was that people even read my spot at all. The people I work with do, even if they rarely comment. My sitemeter lets me know they were there. I also administer a blog for a nun who happens to be all thumbs with pushing the right buttons. You can link to sisteract3 from my site. She is doing wonderful work in Nicaragua.

On my site, if you've read the saga of the shawl I bought in Virginia in April, you've learned how small this world of ours is. I've made a new friend by having written about that shawl. I've met this lady in person as well. I feel the same way about bloggers I meet along the way, I'm making friends as I surf. It isn't idle time.

Marsha said...

I started blogging as a way to share my garden with family members in CA. Next thing I knew people were finding it and I would link back to them and I found all these wonderful "blogging friends" including you! I love that we can ask each other for thoughts and prayers when we need them and on those days when life gets so busy that blogging is the last thing on your to-do list, there is always an encouraging comment that just makes you smile and the day goes better. When one of "us" is missing for awhile, I think we all worry as I can tell by the comments left for "b", I have personally emailed her too with no response so I am still worried for a person I have never met and probably never will.
I'm not a writer so anyone that is looking for perfect grammer and inspirational text my blog is not the place to come to. I share the joys in my life and the beauty I find around me and I feel we are so much alike in that regards. It's why I enjoy your blog!
Lots of my friends have become my readers but there are others that think I am sharing to much :-)

Marsha said...

Back again to say I LOVE that picture of the girls sitting on the sand sculpture on your sidebar!

cat's momma said...

I started blogging because my sister pushed me to. It's all about photography for me...or was...and now, because I live a couple hundred miles from my sister, the photographs are a way to share things with her that she is unable to see in my life...and of course I have the blog all about Hannah and one for drawings ... and that one is a way to share with my sister since we're both interested in so many of the same things. I only have a very few blogs I visit because I don't have a lot of time to really check into new blogs. As of now, my blogging time is in the morning before I take my walk and begin to help out with my granddaughter.

I enjoyed reading how and why you started blogging and I love your photographs. That one with your grandchildren is just beautiful!!!

The Crusty Crone said...

What a great question. I think I started blogging because I wanted a place to write. A way to tickle the keyboard. A place to talk if/when something happened. I have always kept a journal (handwritten) but they always ended up being bitch sessions but with a blog I need to watch myself a little more, watch what I write.

I have a stats counter but I don't look at it very much. I don't think my readership is very high, but that helps keep my ego in check. I average 15 hits a day... some of those are repeats I think.

Pictures always help add interest to a blog.

No one I know in the flesh knows I have a blog and I don't want them to know. It would keep me from being honest. Hurt feelings and all. I'm going to have to think about your question a little more. Its a good one.

Sandy said...

first off, love the photos!!!!

I don't work anymore and I'm sure if I did nobody would be interested. I don't even know if my family ever goes to the blogs. I have friends who I have never given out my blog address to. I don't know why, other than I am kind of a private person with friends (the few I have...hahaha..that may be why I only have a few)...

You are right photos and blogging just go together and you take some gorgeous ones.

I find or have found in my life, I have one friend that actually cared to ask and know about my life, ...the others, I was always the interested one in their life...

Most people (in my experience) are truly self absorbed in their own lives. Maybe it's just me seeing it through my perception.

All I know is just don't ever stop blogging....okay...and even would love it if you blogged more but with working...I sure understand while sometimes your posts are few and far between.

I remember finding your blog and leaving a comment a long long time before you commented on mine. I think you had stopped blogging for awhile or something.

I was so touched by your story of losing your husband. I was touched by the story about the ring...I was touched by the tea you went to with your daughter..

all those things made me want to comment.

love ya,

Sandy said...

and I just read all the other comments...nice to read them.

Sandy said...

sometimes I have tunnel vision. I went and looked at your sidebar photos. beautiful beautiful...

and that one with, just gorgeous BJ.

BJ said...

Wow! I love all of your comments. And if those comments don't encourage me to keep blogging, nothing could! I loved hearing all about the reasons you all started blogging. And thankfully we all found each other and enjoy reading what may be going on in each others lives and admiring the art and photo's that are posted. I would love to meet you all one day.....but if that never happens, I still feel like I have found a friend in all of you. You are all important to me and when one of us needs to be encouraged or lifted up in spirit, I want to be there for all of you. I know you have been here for me. Thank you my friends. Now....get busy and go write another post!!!!!!!

Wanda said...

BJ I wrote a long comment, earlier this afternoon and it's not here so I guess it didn't publish. I came back to read any new comments about how people started blogging.

I love your posts and your pictures,and have always been encouraged by your love and prayers and thoughtful comments.

I agree with Sandy, that the picture of you on the sidebar is lovely.

My blogging started with two friends up north at the church we had ~~ Darlene and Angela. Darlene was blogging about her Lupus and her daily journey with her illness, and Angela was a new blogger, showing her photography and her lovely poems.
Since I love to write, but I see everything in pictures and stories I couln't blog without pictures.

I started Feb 2007 and I love have comments, but I'm not into the stats.

You know 3 of my four kids are not blogger friendly so I can't do stories of them or post pictures of the children, with a few exceptions. I respect them and so my posts are usually my daily happenings, my cooking, things I see and love and visit.

I was touched deeply by Sandy's comment, and I want to be careful not to be a selfish commenter and always talk about my self when I comment on others blogs...I'm bad about this.

I'm so glad you are a blogger....I will always be your fan.

Love and Hugs