Wednesday, July 09, 2008


My son and L.J. came to visit while I was off.....continuing my vacation, and we decided to go to the duck pond so that L.J. could feed the ducks. Something that he associates now with me. I brought a loaf of bread and it was gone in about ten minutes. We had all of the ducks from across the pond, swim right up in front of us. These ducks are crazy hungry all of the time, or so it seems. But anyone that shows up at the pond with food in hand, can also have all of the ducks swim right up to them too! They love everyone! Here are pictures from our day at the duck pond.

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Marsha said...

That is really great that LJ will associate this fun time with visiting Grandma's house. You might have started a tradition there...feeding the ducks with Grandma! Time to stock the freezer with loaves of day-old bread :-)

Sandy said...

Us Grammas love the duck pond don't we....? Cute pic and hmmm I think we're due for another trip to the duck lake again soon.