Sunday, July 20, 2008


Siblings, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

This was taken today.....before church. They were all happy....smiling....and in sync and agreeable to please a grandmother on a mission. The only one missing is LJ. It would have been the absolute best with him in it and the clothes basket out of it!

But, because I never want you to forget their little faces this is just one of the many I took today. Now.....if I could only master photoshop I would be over the moon with excitement. That Ree from Pioneer Woman is a photoshop nut! Gee.....I wish she was my best friend!!!!


Brenda said...

Don't think you need photoshop. Your pictures are great the way they are. You know the old saying. "Don't fix whats not broken." Or is that one of my goofy sayings. Nope I think I heard that from someone else. Anyway, those kids are too cute for words!!!
Brenda K

The Woman said...

I didn't even notice the clothesbasket til you mentioned it. Who can get past those cute little smiles

Travelling Goddess said...

Ohhhhh so cute!! What a great photo.

I have photoshop and it is a black hole of time!!!

It once took me 3 hours to master something and then I forgot how I got to where I got....

cat's momma said...

CUTE!!! All smiling, all looking at the camera, and the smile on the littlest! What eyes!

Marsha said...

I didn't notice the clothes basket until you said it either. I was too busy seeing how beautiful your grandchildren are! E is getting so big! When he was smaller I thought he looked like G but in this photo his eyes really look like H's! Yes, you need one of all 4 together too :-)

BJ said...

Brenda - thanks for your sweet comments. I enjoy taking pics of those precious ones. And yes....I remember the saying, "don't fix it if it isn't broken". BUT.....I need that clothes basket out of that shot!

Anne - thanks! I guess I shouldn't have pointed out the darn clothes basket.

Edee - thank you! I think ADD keeps me from understanding that photoshop crap! It is difficult....I'm saying that in a nice way. What I really mean is that it's a $%&*@!

CM - thanks! I sure was lucky to get them all smiling at the same time. Little Elijah smiles constantly.....oh what a dear he is!

Marsha - yea, I shouldn't have said anything about the clothes basket. And thank you for your sweet comments. E is looking more like H every day. Kelli gets told that all of the time. I think the shape of his eyes are more like hers.

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving comments. It is always wonderful to see you here!

Sandy said...

BJ:---who needs photoshop!! This photo is great and I love seeing them. They are the cutest!!!

Wanda said...

Three darling faces. Those dimples are to die for.

I glad you left the laundry basket in ... proof of a hard working Grandma.

Love and Hugs

The Crusty Crone said...

awww... look at those three GREAT smiles. (and I know getting small kids to all smile at the same time is not easy) What a bunch of good looking kids!!

A wildlife gardener said...

These have to be the grandest Grandflowers in your garden, BJ...sooo beautiful, so full of life and love :)

Mother Goose said...

It was long but definitely worth it. You take beautiful pics. What camera do you have?