Sunday, July 06, 2008


As I ended my last post, I mentioned that I was going to write and show pictures of the seahorse exhibit. While at the Tennessee Aquarium, I learned more about seahorses then at any time in my life. They weren't just any seahorses. There were the most beautiful species that I have ever seen. Can I just say that I am so intrigued by them? If you would like to learn more about them, please go here.

Here is a picture of the skeletal system of the seahorse.

Even though I have a great fascination for the different species, my favorite is the dragon seahorse.

Besides the seahorses, I found other exhibits that I enjoyed too. Here are some of my favorite pictures. Because of the lighting inside, they are not the best.

And the real reason that I wanted to go to the aquarium was to see the butterfly exhibition. That was such a great place to visit. Butterflies were all around us and if you were very lucky, one just might land on you. That didn't happen to us, but it did to many others. Here are a few pictures.


Sandy said...

You got some great pics. I see so many that if I was in the mood I would love to paint. What a great place to go visit. Those seahorses are incredible.

thanks for sharing this!

The Woman said...

great pictures wow

The Crusty Crone said...

Amazing pictures and incredible seahorses!!! Thx so much for sharing them.

cat's momma said...

I've never seen seahorses like what are in these photos...they're amazing! You really got some nice shots at the aquarium!!!

The Broken Man said...

Sea horses are so amazing aren't they? So other-worldly!

You have taken some fantastic photos there.

The Broken Man

Wanda said...

Oh BJ ~~~ You have just taken me on the best vacation ever, and I didn't have to ride hours in the car, or pay for a plane ticket.

These are so incredible...I like Sandy would love to paint some.

The seahorses ~~ I've never seen better, and the butterflies, Oh my goodness, I'm going back and look again ~~

Love and Hugs

Marsha said...

What a great post. I love the dragon seahorse too! I bet it was wonderful to be in the butterfly exhibit with all those exotic species flying around you. I am thankful you had your camera with to share with us. Fantastic photos.

Travelling Goddess said...

Awesome photos and I LOVE the little blue frog...(I'm a frog person) sooooo I hope that you don't mind that I saved him. Did a little enlarging and a little cropping and he is perfect!!!

I love the Seahorses....and the butterflies tooooo.

That one seahorse with the "leaves" is incredible.

Great Shots!!!

BJ said...

Sandy - Thank you. I would love for you to paint some of my pictures.....especially the seahorses!

Anne - thanks. I have so many pictures...some better than others...but I try. I loved taking them all.

CC - I'm glad that you liked the're welcome to paint some too!

CM - I know. Those dragon seahorses are just favorite, by far. I really had no idea there were so many species.

Broken Man - Thanks for stopping by. Nice to see new readers. Yep. I just love seahorses. Glad you liked the pics.

Wanda - Thanks for the nice comment. It was fun telling the story. And by all means, please use the pics to paint something.

Marsha - I enjoyed the butterfly exhibit very much. We stayed in there a long time just waiting for them to land on us. It didn't happen....but I had fun anyway. Such beautiful species as well.

Edee - I'm so glad that you liked the pictures....especially the blue frog. I was amazed at the frog species too. Very interesting indeed. It was difficult getting a good picture inside. The lighting was horrible. But I was intent on getting pictures.....and I did!