Thursday, July 31, 2008


I need to forwarn you......this post is gonna be an awfully long one. So if you are game to hang in there......I hope you enjoy it. It was fun for me.

I just came back from a mini vacation! And granted, it was just for a few days. But in a few days you can clear your head from all of the fog that work can cause. And for me, it means spending much enjoyed time with the people I love the most; the darling threesome. I also was able to spend a few days with my sisters....who live in Salisbury.

Aaron and Kelli had asked me weeks ago to go with them to the ocean. Since just coming back from a vacation in Tennessee, I really didn't know if I would be able to work that out. As it was, I was able too and feel so honored that the kids wanted me to tag-a-long with them. And let's not forget....another opportunity to take more photo's of the precious threesome.

Aaron packed up the car but wouldn't be able to join us there until Friday. So Kelli, me and the children left Thursday morning and we headed for the ocean. When I say ocean, I'm talking about Ocean City, Maryland. I grew up 30 minutes from there. Living so close to the ocean, I think I really took it for granted. Sure, I liked going to the beach and we even camped on the beach, between the dunes, many years ago. You could do that then. We would pitch our tent and stay for a week. I remember so vividly hearing the sound of the waves as they crashed onto the shore. I remember too, the salty seabreeze that would fill my nostrils as I inhaled. I didn't mean to get carried away with all of that information.

But anyway, we drove for awhile, ate lunch in Delaware, drove some more, crossed into Maryland again. You see, you have to go through a small area of Delaware to get back into Maryland. That sounds crazy, doesn't it? I'll stop now.....I won't even start to explain that one.

We arrived in Ocean City around 4:00 p.m. We unpacked and rested up a bit. My son-in-laws grandmother, has owned the property where we stayed for probably close to 40 years. She is 83 now and doesn't get to the beach house much anymore. Aaron's family hopes to keep this property in the family even though there has been talk of selling it. It was great to have this place to go too. I hope that they are able to do this.

The girl's were excited days before we actually started our jaunt there....all they wanted to do was to go to the beach. They were bursting with energy. See how happy everyone was? Well, baby E must see something he is interested in. Cause he sure wasn't looking at mom-mom. This was just before we dug our toes into the sand and walked down to the water. Let me rephrase that.....COLD water!

The sun was beginning to set and the reflection of the sun going down on the water was just so beautiful. I'm not sure you can see just how lovely it really was. The lighting wasn't all that great and I didn't want to use the flash. But here are a few pictures of the girls running down to the water and back up as the waves crashed onto the shore line.

As we were walking on the beach, Kelli pointed out our shadow and suggested that I take a picture of that.

The girl's were having a ball. They would run back and forth screaming and yelling with joy with every step they took. Here are pictures of Kelli with E....his first trip to the beach! I have to tell was freezing! A cold front had gone through during the early evening, just before we arrived. The wind was blowing and it was very breezy and she was trying to protect E and keep him from getting too cold. We had no idea it would be like that on the beach.

These next grouping of pictures are of the family on Friday after Aaron had arrived in the late afternoon. We had dinner and then went down to the beach again. The kids managed to stay pretty dry this time, but the day before they got very wet! They didn't mind one bit.

Aaron was able to easily get the "Barbie" kite to fly. I guess was so breezy. Another cool beach night.

We all went to the beach on Saturday and oh my was the perfect beach day. There was a nice breeze and it wasn't too hot....just perfect. Of course I sat under an umbrella the whole time except for when I was down by the water taking pictures of the family. I'm old now and don't want to further damage my skin. I've done enough of that over the years I'm sure of. I could care less about getting a tan or looking lily white like I do. I'm not as vain as I used to be. Funny how aging takes care of vanity.

Kelli told me as I was taking these pictures to not post unless she approved of them. As she was reviewing the pictures on the screen she commented that some of them were fine. I don't remember which ones. I hope that I'm posting the ones she approved of. If not....I may never get to take her picture again! To me....she is just beautiful. But she would like to be back at her pre-pregnancy weight. Of course so would I. (he-he) She is nursing a hungry little man who wants to eat much of the time and she needs/likes to eat too. It runs in our family. She seems to always lose her pregnancy weight gain. When she puts her mind to anything....she sticks to it.

And then, this post wouldn't be complete without a few seagulls. Not one of my better picture taking qualities. Birds are least for me.

And the last of the pictures are random shots from the beach. Pictures of advertising by means of the water or sky. Pictures that show lots of people on the beach and even a practice rescue.

That's all folks!


Brenda said...

All of your pictures are great! I especially liked the one after the kite because it looks like a painting. The kids are all beautiful and tell Kelli we all wish we could look as good as she does! I have never really spent any time on a beach but hope to some day. Glad you had a good time!

Rudee said...

Your family is beautiful. I haven't lost my pregnancy weight either. It's been 18 years since the last one. hahahaha.

Is it aging that takes care of the vanity when it comes to tanning? I thought it was the hot flashes. If I go out and just sit there, I experience summer in more ways than one. I sit outside in the shade now. Or, I'll sit in the sun during the last 2 hours of daylight.

I like your blog. Now, I'm off to look at that jewelry I see in your sidebar....

BJ said...

Brenda - Thanks! The picture you are talking about, I like the least. It was almost dark on the beach and lighting is so iffy for me. I wish it had been more is so blurry. But I am glad you like it. And yes, I will tell Kelli what you said! She will smile her beautiful smile.
BTW - if you are experiencing problems with your blog like I have been....remove the sitemeter. I read about it on blogger and many people are having the same error message. Removing it has helped, me included! Yay...I'm happy again! Hugs to you too!

Rudee - thank you for stopping by and commenting. You made me laugh with your comments...I love seeing new faces. And yes, I don't sit in the sun anymore....I have my own personal summers (ha-ha), and they often are while I'm sleeping at night or while I'm working. I call it "mental pause". They can show up at any time! Errrr!

I tried to visit your blog....but got the error message. You might want to try removing your sitemeter if you have one. I'm so excited that it worked for me. You life, without being able to post or comment on blogs...well, let's just say, wouldn't be nearly as happy.

Rudee said...

I would never have known about the sitemeter issue if you hadn't told me so.

1st, it's a new problem. 2nd, I don't use internet explorer. I'm a mac gal and have safari and firefox. I read it's an IE problem. If you're having trouble, try using firefox as a browser. I did delete my sitemeter for the time being. I don't really look at it anymore. I'd better go delete on my friend's site that I maintain too.

Thanks for the heads up!

Sandy said...

Sometimes its' day between your posts but its' always worth the wait when you do finally post. You brought back lots of great photos and a wonderful detailed explanation of the little vacation.

I really enjoyed seeing the family and the kids, ahhhh those cute kids...

Kelli looks terrific. I understand how she feels, but IMHO she doesn't need to worry.

I'm glad you had such a great time. Thanks about the explanation of the sitemeter thing but by the time I got on this morning I guess all had been fixed.

Marsha said...

Oh how fun to see the wonderful time you all had at the ocean! You have such beautiful g-kids and they must have especially enjoyed having their grandma there to watch them cavort in the water.
Kelli looks great too!

cat's momma said...

Wow! I loved seeing your beach pictures...and the kids look like they're feeling pure joy, running towards the waves! What a great mini vacation for you!! I like that picture of you in the sidebar pics too!

Mary said...

BJ, I'm just so thrilled with this post. Your family is beautiful in the sun and wind and salt spray!

I'm also a little down about it, too, because until I moved to Charlotte 3 years ago, I took the beach for granted. I haven't been there in three years. Living in MD all my life and in DE for three years, going to the Ocean (Ocean City, MD) was a habit and always a joy.

Looking at your photos brought back so many fond memories, especially the one of the lifeguard standing, and of course, the seagulls. I can hear the surf, smell it, and taste it.

Guess I'll have to make plans to go downyoshen soon :o)


Amanda said...

I love your post about O.C.. I have such great memories from being young.

Your family is beautiful!!! Please tell Kelli hi for me. I live in Abingdon and I also blog.