Friday, July 11, 2008


It's been a week since the Fourth of July and because I usually have my camera by my side, I can't resist taking pictures of those sweet little ones in my family. You know....the cute ones I'm referring to, don't you? Those two little girl's, one little boy and that adorable baby boy who arrived 4.5 months ago.....that's who I'm talking about. And because I NEVER want you to forget their darling little faces, I am about to show you pictures of them....again, because I NEVER want you to forget what they look like! I'm sorry....I just can't help myself!

Besides the love of this family of mine, I can never resist taking pictures of flowers. I will look for flowers wherever I go.....I'm a sucker for beautiful, colorful flowers of any kind. And, because I never want to disappoint, here are
shots of flowers from the Fourth. The picnic we went too was on five acres of property. And the setting was truely beautiful. There was also an area called Gunpowder, where you could take the kids to wade in the water. It was a hot, steamy day. The humidity was horrible. I don't like humidity. Have I ever told you that before?

Well, are some shots of flowers and the surrounding property. And the last three pictures are from my Tennessee trip. I just had to add their beauty to this post!


The Woman said...

Thanks for posting the picture. I can't believe how much that baby has grown. What a good lookin family

The Crusty Crone said...

awwwww... they bring smiles. Love the action shot of the handstand, too.

Sandy said...

Well it was worth the wait!~~ I LOVE LOVE the family photos and that baby is growing growing growing and cute cute cute. Whose house is in the background, the brown one, love the "feel" of it.

Always enjoy your flower photos and oh..that bird...

great post today BJ...

and I promise I'll never forget those faces!

Wanda said...

Oh what darling children...What did we do before becomming camera bugs.

I've been so busy with family I haven't had a chance to comment for a while... Julie is much better, so I plan to do a lot of blogger reading this afternoon.

Love and Hugs

BTW your flowers are so so lovely.

Marsha said...

Oh I so enjoy seeing new photos of your beautiful grandchildren! Baby E is getting so big and I think he looks like G.

The picnic looked like it was a really good time but I know what you mean, I hate humidity too :-)

Beautiful flowers aren't we blessed with such beauty in the summer - it sure helps get through winter don't you think?

Have a wonderful week.

Mary said...

I completely understand your wanting to share your beautiful family. Great moments in time need to be share and held close.

Your flowers are brilliant.

Now I'm missing Gunpowder State Park... Oh, I sometimes really miss my Maryland.

Thanks for being patient with me. Life has been too much lately. I really miss reading blogs...


cat's momma said...

Wonderful pictures of the kids...and the little, what a smile he has! I love the second to last picture of him (meaning before the flower pictures start). I also really love flowers and photographing them! Good job on yours. I thoroughly enjoyed all the new photos!

Amber said...

Hi! I am happy your had a good trip. Your pics look great! And I love this picture of the baby peeking out of his sling. Too cute.

Hope you are well.


Sandy said...

Had to come back and look at that baby doll again. What a smile!!

Travelling Goddess said...

Tooooo cute!! Love his little foot...sticking out.

Great family pictures, BJ, it is always wonderful to come and visit with your ever growing family.

Meeee too, love to take pictures of flowers and I love that little bird.

Brenda said...

Hi Brenda,
This is the Brenda from Sandy's blog. Nice to meet you! Your children and grand children are so beautiful. I love pretty pictures also, but I am not too much into photography. My daughter has a real talent for it, but she hasn't had much time for it since our little Maddie (her daughter) was born 6 months ago.
It looks like some things that you and I and Sandy have in common are that we love birds and ducks. I have a collection of birds from Lennox and some musical birds, and a bird clock that needs a battery! And used to collect mallard ducks, but just don't get those things much anymore, because I don't have room for them.
Will check back with you another time.
Have a great weekend!
The other Brenda