Sunday, June 29, 2008


Gatlinburg, Tennessee is such a tourist attraction. I hadn't realized that until I was there, walking the street's filled with hundreds of people milling around. We were only in one little area of the town. There is so much walking that one could do and so many little shops to go in. But because my sister needs either a walker or wheel chair, we only stayed on one side of the street and I tried to take in all I could there. You could stay for 3-4 days just in the town sight-seeing.

The town is just two miles long and five miles wide. There are 3500 people who call the burg their home. However, I was surprised to learn that there are over nine million visitor's annually. Supposedly Spring is the most popular time to visit there. Many people love to camp in the Smokey Mountains, go white water rafting, play golf or go to Dollywood! I didn't make it to Dollywood, but my nephew and great neice have been and they loved it. For more information on this very interesting little town, please go here.

I had to laugh when we were driving in the town and we passed a drive thru wedding chapel. I am serioius! After reading more about what the town has to offer regarding weddings, I learned that there are 20 wedding chapels here that can accommodate any type of wedding you are looking for. If you want that elegant, formal kind, or if you want the more simple, serene kind, Gatlinburg will provide you with whatever you are looking for. And please don't worry about the reception or photographer, they take care of it all; for a price of course! I found this info rather interesting. How about you? If you'd like to read more on this wedding info, go here.

That's enough of all that, let's get on to the pictures. This first picture is of one of the many garden's in the town. I thought these flower's were so colorful and pretty.

This fountain was one of many too. I love how the water droplet's look in the picture.

More pretty flowers.....

And I absolutely love this picture of the stained glass window and the ivy climbing on the building.

This fountain was situated in a recessed, concave area. You can't really understand the beauty of the fountain because the picture is missing the beautiful green ivy which was situated on the top of an overhang above the fountain. There were benches placed all around the area so you could sit and enjoy the scenery. Very pretty.

This is just a look up the pathway past one of the little shops. If you enlarge you can get a better glimpse of that area.

These geraniums were sitting in huge pots outside of store fronts. All of the flowers were well taken care of and so healthy. Their red color is just vibrant.

This cockatoo was very friendly, going from one person to another, used as advertisement so that parents would take their children to a show of sorts.

That's all for now. But when I post the next time I will talk to you about the Chattanooga Aquarium. I went there with my neice and have some very interesting pictures from the different exhibits. All I'll say right now is that I am so captivated by the seahorses that I saw there. I had no idea the different species of seahorses! I can't wait to write that post! Come back soon!


The Woman said...

we have been there once, we prefer pigeon forge over gatlinburg lol

Marsha said...

Just Beautiful BJ!! I love arm chair traveling through your take the time to describe it to us as if we were there. LOVE IT!

The Crusty Crone said...

Ditto to what Marsha said... loved seeing the pictures and reading your descriptions!

I love the picture of the first fountain... the sea-green color of the fountain is wonderful and you're right about the water drops. Very intriguing.

Sandy said...

Ahhh your pictures are great and love that stained glass window. Great stuff there, wow.

Wanda said...

I knew this would be a good trip....I didn't have to ride for hours, or spend a penny ~~ but I get to see everything in beautiful color and hear your wonderful descriptions.

I love the fountains ~~ and the stained glass window.
Beautiful ~~~

cat's momma said...

Beautiful pictures, and the first one of the! I enjoyed the narrative and all the photos!

The Woman said...

Happy 4th to you too and tell Kelli I said HI give those kiddos hugs too