Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today marks the five year anniversary that you passed away. I can hardly believe that I have managed without you. You remain so close in my thoughs and even closer in my heart. I carry the love we shared within me. And know that someday we will meet again. You are dearly loved and sorely missed by your children and grandchildren. We keep you alive in our hearts.......as we remember you and your sense of humor, your love of life and family. Your silly made-up songs and crazy ramblings bring smiles to our faces and chuckles from within as we recall them. To say your name is pure love. And tomorrow is another day.

To My Beloved by Celia Wenig

You had a talent for bringing special meaning to life,
It was such a pleasure to be your wife,
You helped me to grow and to realize
The fullness and the beauty in our lives.

Every day I counted my blessings.
Then God called, and you went away
Out of this world to a brighter day.
Suddenly my life of gladness
Turned to utter sadness.

My grief wears me down, I shed so many tears,
As I recall your love and devotion through the years.
For your sake and in memory of your name,
I pray for strength to do things the same.

To reach out, to fill the hours with useful ways,
To comfort, to cheer and have no more empty days.
I try to console myself -- it was God's greater plan,
So I must accept it, if I can.

You moved away to His splendid home above,
If there is life after death,
I know you will be waiting there for me, With love.

Though Heaven and Earth divide us,
and the distance is so great,
I count my blessings for the years you were my mate.
I will live my life remembering, while you wait, slumbering.
My beloved, may you rest in peace.


Sandy said...


Tears filled my eyes reading this. I don't know what to say except all the blessings in the world to you. A good friend of mine went through this years ago and watching what she went through...well I know it's a rough road at times.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Good Morning BJ!! It's such a tough time for you, I'm sure! Such a sweet gal you are!! My heart if full of emotion...prayers, love and peace to you!!
I wish I could give you hugs in person but (((HUGS)))!
Your poem is just BEAUTIFUL!

Marsha said...

BJ, sending you warm virtual hugs today. I teared up reading your beautiful tribute and the poem is wonderful. I cannot imagine the pain of losing your soulmate but my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so happy you have such a close & loving relationship with the kids and grandkids to uphold you with love as you live life without him.

Blessings to you today...your friend, Marsha

The Crusty Crone said...

{{{ BJ }}}

Texasbelle said...

what a beautiful poem. hugs to you today.

BJ said...

Sandy,Aunt B,Marsha,CC & Texasbelle- your words mean so much. It is hard to believe that he has been gone this long.....because it feels like yesterday we were dealing with his illness. Thankfully I am blessed a million times over with my children and grandchildren, family and friends like all of you. You all mean so much. Thank you for all those hugs!

cat's momma said...

I just read this and I want to add big hugs to you, too, BJ! What pain you've been through. Lots of love to you...Laura

BJ said...

CM - thank you so much. We've all been touched by the loss of someone we love.

Amber said...

Awww, BJ. I'm sorry it still hurts so. I know sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, when you lose someone you love so much. Such a huge part of your life, and heart.