Friday, April 11, 2008

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Travelling Goddess said...

Ohhhhhh BJ... he is soooooo beautiful!!!!!

And it made me laugh to see that you had changed your banner and put up a picture of the kids....,...right under the title of BJ's Blunders....I chuckled and said to myself...."No, I don't think so.......!!! LOLOLOLOL

BJ said...

Edee - Thank you! We are pretty smitten with him!

LOL - I quickly went to blogger and changed that! Those little beauties are no blunders, that's for sure!

Now.....if I could only get all four of them in one picture. That will be a dreaded job. These kids are difficult to corral!

dakotablueeyes said...

such a sweet smile

Sandy said...

So cute and I love the new banner.


BJ said...

Anne - he has such a beautiful smile....with dimples on both sides!

Sandy - Thanks again. I have "banner" envy! But guess I am not educated enough to do what I would like to do. Maybe you can help. I'll e-mail you soon.