Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sherbert, anyone?

Sherbert eating girls!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Two of my favorite girls eating sherbert in mom-mom's bed. Both of the girl's have stayed with me on a couple of occasions.........usually it had only been Hailee. Now that Gianna is all potty-trained and wearing big girl panties, she will be staying more too. She may be younger, but she thinks she can do everything that Hailee can do.


cat's momma said...

So you are mom-mom. Cute picture of the girls, so cozy in the bed with ice cream! I'm YaYa to Hannah since she can't pronounce my name.

Anonymous said...

How adorable!! Fun for you to have them both.


Marsha said...

Sleepovers at grandma' cool is that?

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Two "sweet peas" in mom-mom's bed.
That is precious, luck you!! They look like they are having so much fun, too.

Wanda said...

Orange Sherbert ~~~ Yes I'll crawl up on the bed and have a bowl with them. How adorable!!

BJ said...

CM - yep! I'm mom-mom. But I have to admit that I think Ya-Ya is darn cute!

Sandy - they are fun to have around, I assure you! Gianna was perfect when she stayed the first time. I had thought that she might want to go home at some point. Didn't happen!

Marsha - yes - sleepover's at mom-mom's. It is the best! I looked forward to this for a long time!

Aunt "B" - they definitely are two peas in a pod! I just adore them. But you know how that is!

Wanda - the Orange Sherbert is a tradition that I started with Hailee. And now Gianna will ask about the Orange Sherbert too. Hailee has decided that she likes the Rainbow Sherbert better than the Orange Sherbert w/ice-cream!