Monday, March 17, 2008


Some of you may recognize this old Polaroid photograph. This was from one of the first camera's that came out in the 70's that you could instantly get a picture from. It was rather exciting I have to admit. You just snapped the picture and waited a few seconds for it to develop.

This picture is of my son John, who will be 36 years old this month. His daddy had taken him fishing and this was his first fish. John was about 21 months old and we were living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His dad started him early, doing all the fun things that he liked to do. John was even hitting a wiffle ball with a bat at about 18 months old. I remember him having collected many baseball hats at his young age. He would put them on his little head, one on top of the other, piled up high. He'd hold his little bat and say, "Play ball daddy". And daddy would throw the ball and SMACK! Right off the end of the bat! He was good! He definitely had his daddies genes.

The reason I say that is because he grew to be a very good athlete who played baseball and was also on two soccer teams. From elementary school into high school he was involved in sports. After he realized in high school the politics involved, he lost interest and quit playing altogether. By that time he had girls, girls, girls on his mind. And then he turned 16 and low and behold......he had his driver's license.

I maybe getting a little ahead of myself here though. He also had a love for computers from a very young age. Does anyone remember the Commodore 64? Well we had that in our home and he loved that keyboard! When he was in elementary school he took a course at the local community college on the basics of computers.

We also had the Nintendo and I watched all of the kids play the game "Mario" so much that I wondered, "Could I possibly solve that game"? That's what I was thinking as I was playing away. Over and over I'd start that second or third level over, just hoping that I would solve it. Finally, after hours of trying, I DID it!!! I was ecstatic! The kids would be so impressed. I left the t.v on so that they would be able to see that I had solved it. You know what? I don't remember them getting very excited about their ole mom having accomplished that. Oh well. I don't think I ever played again.

But anyway, getting back to the reason for this post. John, if you are reading this, which you probably aren't, I posted this picture of you because you were the most adorable little guy. You were so smart and athletic at such a young age. You were talking a blue-streak. You were adored by all of your family. You were my mom's ninth grandchild. But she just loved you to pieces! She gave you your first wristwatch. Remember? Snoopy......I bet you still have it. Are you still saving all the trinkets that wind up in your pockets? Oh....I love you John. Seeing a smile on your sometimes serious face, sets my heart to beating fast!

Where have all of the years gone? You now have your own son. I know how much you love L.J. And the memories that you are making with him will always have him near and dear in your heart. Seeing the two of you together reminds me of just how quickly the years have passed. Why, it seems like only yesterday you were just a babe in my arms. I am reminded of your infancy and youth each and every time I look at L.J. He has gestures and gives looks that are definitely reflections of you. And when he is asked, "who made that mess, L.J?" He instantly says, "Daddy did it!" And you are no where to be is CONFIRMED that he is definitely YOUR SON!!!!
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Wanda said...

What a great story ~~~ and the pictures are both priceless. My youngest daughter is 37 ~~ They grow up so fast don't they.

cat's momma said...

This was so wonderful to read, BJ! And what a cute boy and good looking guy today. Life zooms by while we're busy with day-to-day goes so fast!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Cheese and coffee on a biscuit? Are you kidding? Please say yes!!

Saw this on Ree's and had to come over to "meet" you!

Hallie :)

Sandy said...

Loved reading this and seeing the pics. LJ looks so much like his daddy. Great post to read today.


dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Easter

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Wonderfully written, BJ! So true.
I think of my son, 29, the same way. Just seems like yesterday!
Make sure your son gets a copy of this posting, it is to be cherished!