Saturday, March 01, 2008

Elijah and family settles in.

It has been 10 days since baby Elijah was born into our family. Mommy and baby are getting settled in at home and the girls are adjusting just fine to their new baby brother. Daddy has changed a few diapers.......he was kind of dreading it since he wasn't sure what Elijah might have in store for him. Laugh you may! Aaron has changed diapers on little girls for the past few years. He knew how to clean them up after surprises. Now, Elijah came with different anatomy and Aaron wasn't sure what he needed to do. But he remarked to me tonight that Hailee told him, "dad, you have to pick up his test**les to clean him". After picking himself up off of the floor from hearing that, he says he will ask her if he has any other concerns about diaper changing.

I guess this is the first time the girls have seen a baby boy so when they asked what "those things" were, Kelli wanted to give them the correct name for the male genitalia. Well, Hailee remembered what she had said earlier in the week. And that's how she came about telling daddy what he needed to do. Aaron makes things so much funnier when he tells the story. In fact, he's about the best storyteller ever! Good thing! Cause he's gonna have lots of stories to tell when boys start calling the house asking to speak to his two girls!

I've really enjoyed being off from work for the last 10 days and spending more time with the girls........taking and/or picking up from school. Gianna goes two days a week on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Hailee has to be at school at 8:50 a.m and gets picked up at 3:20 p.m. each day. She doesn't ride a school bus because he mommy did not want her to do that this year. So it does seem like you are on the road to and fro much of the day. But, it all worked out well and I am so thankful that I could do this to help out.

Kelli had a very long labor this time. She went in at 11:00 p.m on the 19th. Elijah wasn't born until 3:30 p.m on the 20th. He just was not coming down the birth canal. Her water had broken at 4:00 a.m and there was meconium(feces in the amniotic fluid) in it. They told her not to be alarmed because this happens at times. They continued to tell her that once the babies head came out, they would need to suction him quickly before he took a breath and then deliver him the rest of the way. They told her that she would not be able to have him on her chest but he would be taken away so he would continue to be suctioned to make sure that he didn't aspirate any of the meconium.

I was talking to the nurse and doctor while they were observing Elijah and the nurse was checking out the umbilical cord. There was a huge knot in the cord. She showed the knot to me and honestly, I was in shock. She kept saying that it was a miracle that the baby had survived. The baby not only survived but weighed in at 9 lbs. 1.6 ounces. I don't know how one can begin to explain why some babies survive this and some babies don't. I am just so thankful that Elijah survived and is very healthy. In fact, I can see that he has put weight on since he has been home.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about Kelli during this long labor. It seemed like it was never I can imagine what it must have felt like for her. She was not experiencing any pain because she was given the epidural at about half-way through. She hadn't wanted to even go with the epidural. But, the anesthesiologist thought that by getting her comfortable that the contractions would be more consistent and that she would progress quickly. DID NOT HAPPEN! Her contractions were far apart and this went on the entire day like that. Her cervix took so long to thin out and it just went on and on. Her doctor is a wonderful man and he had been following along on the monitors and saw that the babies heart rate was dropping and that they had to get the baby out of there. He came in with two of his nurses and told her she had to start pushing. And 30 minutes later, little Elijah was born.

Remember now, they didn't know the sex of the baby. Lot's of people had taken guesses but they chose not to know. So when Elijah was finally delivered and the doctor flipped him over and said, "It's a boy"! Everyone in the room cheered. Thank goodness for little boys! Now, if you remember the convo that Aaron had with Hailee about the babies anatomy, then you can imagine all that was being said in the delivery Aaron of course. Even the doctor was cracking up.

I am so thankful that Kelli was able to deliver vaginally and not have to have a Cesarean. I am thankful that Elijah was born big and healthy. And even though there is no explanation for the large knot in the cord and the high birth weight, I thank God for this miracle! He is absolutely a gorgeous little baby. Perfect in every way. He is nursing very well and even cooed and smiled at Kelli already! He has beautiful dimples and large feet! A trademark of the Pic family!

I hope that I have made some sense to all of my blogging friends. I have wanted to post more details about Kelli's labor and delivery but it has been a very busy week. As many of you know, Grandma duty is a serious and fun thing and I would not change one thing about this time I have spent with the girls or with helping out by cooking meals this week or trying to keep up with the laundry. It has been my pleasure to be there for the family. I love them all so much. They are my heart and soul.

Here is a picture of Kelli as a newborn. Does Elijah look like mommy?

Or does Elijah look like his Uncle John?

Or does Elijah look like his Uncle Chad?

And here is a picture of Elijah!

and one more of Elijah!


Sandy said...

It was great reading the update! I can imagine there was some worry there...scary stuff, with the cord.

Cute story about A changing E and what Hailee said hahha.

Elijah is such a doll and I have to say that to me he looks totally like himself, with a definite mix from seeing Kelli And Aaron's pics. He is so cute!

I assume you go back to work on Monday.

Thanks for the update!! Now go relax before you have to go to work...!

Wanda said...

This was so wonderful to read all the details. So glad all is well now. Yes, Elijah is his own little man, and adorable at that!

A young gal in our church had a baby 4 days ago, and I've just been drooling all over him too. He had a Bible name too ~ Levi Daniel!

sarahgrace said...

After changing boys and now girls diapers, I'd have to say that boys are easier...just because everything is on the outside! Ha ha! I've taught my kids the proper names for their parts we could likely have a similarly shocking story...hee hee.
I'm glad Kelli and the whole family is doing well! And yes, Elijah is definitely a miracle of a miracle! Praise God for his grace!

Marsha said...

The Hailey comment on changing the diaper was priceless :-)

I am so happy for your family and thankful too that Elijah is a healthy baby boy considering the knot, etc. during delivery. You are a wonderful great that you were able to take off work and help them out like that.

cat's momma said...

Thanks for putting up the details! It sent me back in my mind 18 months ago when Hannah was born...I was part of the delivery team since E had midwives, and much of this story was similar to E's story. I know the relief you felt when baby and mommy were declared safe, sound and healthy. Congratulations to all! He's one cute little guy!

texasbelle said...

I love the bath picture! Look at his little baby tongue...must pinch cheeks!

BJ said...

Sandy - yes, it was long and drawn out......but I am so thankful that all is well. Thanks for following along. Hugs to you.

Wanda - we think that Elijah is so special. They really didn't have a FIRST name for the baby until he was born and on the second day! I'm so glad that you followed the story. Hugs to you too.

Sarahgrace - So nice to see your comments. Yes, it is funny what Hailee said to her daddy! We can't let him forget that! He's so funny.

Marsha - thank you for your sweet comments. Being a grandmother is truely the joy of my life......along with so much more joy!!!!

CM - thanks so much for your comments. I didn't know that E had a difficult time. But when you're right there in the middle of's like it isn't real! So glad that it's all over and the outcome was so good. Hugs to you too.

Anne - I know....that little tongue poking out! Couldn't ya just eat 'em up?????? So darn cute.

Amanda said...

please tell Kelli Hi and congrats. I said the rosary for her tonight. I am so excited for you all.

I have a little present for her so if she could email me sometime I would like to come see her.