Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tonight at 11:12 p.m. Kelli called to say that she was on her way to the hospital to get checked out. Her due date was Monday. After the phone call I have been wide awake waiting to hear back from her on whether or not I should proceed to the hospital. She just called now, 1:30 a.m. to say that she has dialated 2 cm. in the last hour, a total of three. She is in triage and once they get her in a room she will call and I will head on down to the hospital. The drive is 45 minutes. I am so excited.......I couldn't sleep now if I was given a tranqualizer! I am all pumped up and the adrenelin is flowing. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY SOON!

I promise to post something as soon as I can after delivery. Aaron's mom is with the girl's now so eventually I will hook up with her to take over their care. I will be off from work for one week. I am looking forward to the time off and getting to know my new grandbaby.



luzie said...

oh brenda that is SO exciting! i hope kelli will have a smooth and uneventful delivery and that you will get to hold your new grandbaby very soon! looking forward to updates!! xoxo

dakotablueeyes said...

Give her my best and I can't wait to hear the news

Marsha said...

This is just so exciting! Congratulations Grandma!

Texasbelle said...


Sandy said...

Can't wait to hear!!!!!!!