Tuesday, February 12, 2008


You are 7 years old today! You are growing up so quickly. Mommy and I are always saying that we don't want you to grow up. We want you to stay little. You always laugh and say, "But I want to grow up"! We always smile, but inside we know that these tender years are going by so quickly.

You have brought so much joy to our family. You were my first grandchild! I remember the day you came home from the hospital and I thought you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I remember laying beside you on the bed and wondered what you would look like at one year old. You were adored and loved from the moment you were born. We have had so much fun with you and done so many things together. And there is so much more fun to have.

Hailee, I love your sensitivity and kindness. You have such a big heart for a little girl. And your spirituality is unbelieveable. Sometimes the things you say just amaze me and I thank God for the gift of you! I am so thankful to have you in my life......you are pure joy to all who know and love you.

Always stay the sweet little girl you are. You are so special to all of us. I hope that this birthday is a great one for you. And never forget that we love you with all our heart!



cat's momma said...

BJ, this is a lovely birthday sentiment and wish for Hailee who is a beautiful little girl. Her eyes have a very soft, kind look to them. I definitely relate to your sentiments here, being a grandmother, and it touched me.

Texasbelle said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Big Girl!

Sandy said...

WHAT beautiful photos and lovely sentiments. Happy BD Hailee...

So sweet, love that bottom pic.


Nita said...

Hailey, what a beautiful girl you are. You look quite like a princess!

I bet gramma is taking pictures of you all the time.

I know your birthday is already over, but I still want to wish you a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

gramma's friend, Nita

Nita said...

I spelled your name wrong. I'm sorry.

Wanda said...

She is darling, and what cute poses. Happy Birthday...my little JonJon turned 7 on Feb.5th.

Grandchilden...Such a blessing!

luzie said...

hailee is so gorgeous! happy (belated) birthday to your sweet granddaughter. :)