Saturday, January 19, 2008


Zoooooooooom!, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.


Sandy said...

How adorable he looks. I sure like the color his hair. Would you call it strawberry blond.

I've been wondering how Kelli is doing. I'm anxiously awaiting to hear any news.


Wanda said...

He is not a doll! Love his dark brown eyes.

I love the way you framed it!!

Amber said...

I gave you somthing...see my blog. :)

(and this cute picture is one reason! how adorable.)


A wildlife gardener said...

How wonderful to have such an adorable grandchild. Happy New Year! May you have lots and lots of happy days with him :)

BJ said...

Sandy - He has beautiful hair....lots of waves too. It used to have more of the strawberry blonde look....but of late a very soft beige. I spent time with him the other night....I adore him! He willingly gave me lots of kisses too! Boy...was I ever lucky that night! Usually I have to beg, borrow or steal those kisses!

Kelli is still hanging in there! Little over three weeks to go. Hasn't dilated any yet. Gained only two pounds over the past two weeks. She will go each week now until baby comes!

Wanda - thank you. He has great eyes....more hazel than brown. Very unusual looking.

Amber - thank you again for the tag! You are such a sweetie! Love you honey!

Wildlife gardner - I am so blessed with my grandchildren. I enjoy them so much. Can't hardly wait for the next one to arrive. Happy New Year to you also. Thanks for stopping by.