Saturday, January 19, 2008


because I honestly think that I am going to go MAD!! This &*%$ing computer is testing me.......beyond all limits. For the past week it will time out after browsing 3-4 windows. I then have to re-boot and start the whole process again. I took it in today.....I let someone from the Geek Squad at Best Buy take a look at it. He cleaned it know, those things called cookies.....and I don't mean the chocolate chip kind that you can eat either. (he-he) Nothing showed up when he ran a diagnostic on it so he cleaned it off and defragmented the system. I came home thinking that everything would be fine. Heck no!!!!! It continues to do the same thing. I had to resort to my old desktop. And I'm not impressed with this computer either. It is s-l-o-w and annoying and something is showing up in the middle of the screen that just won't go away. So, needless to say I am ready to throw one laptop out the 3rd floor window of this condo! And this one in the dumpster outside. Computers have always caused me to get a little nutty when they do their funny business......I hate their funny business too.

So there! You have the story. I was able to leave comments on a few blogs today. Having to re-boot does not make me want to stay on and try to visit blogs. I have missed going to your blogs very much. You all are special......and don't you forget that! Thanks for continuing to come and check mine out for new posts.

Things have been askew lately with me. The week before Christmas I was feeling terrible......went to the doctor and was treated for a sinus infection. Was still on the antibiotic when I got an URI. I continued to work and was just starting to feel better. I work for the State and and was attending a "Victim's of Crime Conference" and took ill the first day there. This "paid for" getaway was suppose to be a little bit of a fun thing, you know? Well....that didn't happen. It was a two-night stay and this was on the second night that I started with a terrible sorethroat and felt achey all over. I went back to my room around 7:00 p.m and stayed there the whole night. I couldn't attend the conference the next day and holed up in my room until check-out time which was 12:00 p.m. I thought maybe I might be able to get myself going.....but nope, that didn't happen. All I really wanted to do was to go home and crawl in my own bed. My friend from work was there with and she needed to get her training hours we stayed until about 3:00p.m and then headed home. I hung out in the lobby or in my car until she was able to leave the conference. I was miserable and continued to be miserable.....even when I got home. I went to the doctor the next day after a night of chills, fever and nausea. My diagnosis? A good ole case of the flu! I went back to work on Monday but I have had a sorethroat....still.....this entire week. I still don't feel up to par. I am tired of feeling crappy and am ready for this to be over with. Please...will one of my blogsphere friends raise your magic wand and cast a get well spell on me? I just want to feel better!

I have managed to get the Christmas tree and all decorations put away for another year. I slowly worked on it this past week. I always feel a little sad putting away the decorations as I truely love Christmas. I say every year that I'm going to leave up the tree, without the decorations of course, and re-decorate for Valentine's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, etc. But I have never done that. And I guess that Christmas wouldn't be as special as it is either if you left the tree up all year long. Has anyone ever done that? Left a christmas tree up and decorated it for other occasions? I'd be very interested in knowing if you have.

Now that I've bent your ear and told you all of my woes.....I will end now in hopes of feeling so much better when I awaken in the morning. I hope that all of you have a wonderful week-end. It is very cold here in Maryland. We might get a little precip tonight....nothing much I hope.


luzie said...

being sick sucks so much... and recovering from the flu isn't fun either. i remember how drained i felt a couple of weeks before christmas! i hope you regain your strength soon.. and that you'll have a nice Sunday today!

(I'm so glad I banned all my Christmas decorations to the basement the other day.. Easter things are up in stores already!)

cat's momma said...

Wow, what a tale of woe! I'm going to go look for my magic wand...I haven't used it in a while...I'll clean it up and start waving it immediately! I'm not only gonna wave it over you but your two sick computers too! Be ready for that wave of good energy coming your way!

Sandy said... sorry to hear about your flu and stuff. I'll get out my wand too!! Are you by any chance running Vista platform on that laptop because it is notorious for problems.

I have never left a Christmas tree up past one week after Christmas and that was stretching it to my limit. I do NOT like Christmas (stems from being overworked and too much to do when the kids were little, during the holidays) it comes down fast.

I sure hope you start feeling real perky. That conference must have been miserable holed up in the hotel room and then having to wait until 3 to leave...

will be "seeing" you whole and healthy.

I'm glad you got on and left comments, cause I was beginning to get worried when you disappear for too long, although I know you work and get busy and stuff. Didn't know you were having computer problems.

take care...

love ya, sandy

Wanda said...

Oh I can't imagine how frustrating that was. Sometimes, I wonder what I would do if my computer did such a thing. I take it for granted I'm sure.
Before blogging I was on the computer maybe twice a week to type something for church...Did blogging ever change my lifestyle. I'm so glad cause look at all the wonderful friends like you I have now.

Hope it get's "healed" and stays that way.

Amber said...

Oh, poor BJ! That sucks! I hate being sick, but not being home when you are sick?? Horrible.
I hope you feel much better now.

ox :)

Anne said...

oh BJ, I am so sorry to hear you've been ill! And the computer problems...those are almost worse in some ways than car problems. I hope you can find someone to fix your computer and in the menatime, tryand get some rest. This time of year runs everyone Christmas bliss-out.