Thursday, January 24, 2008


Amber, from Believing Soul tagged me for a "You Make My Day" tag. Well, she truely did make my day..... Without sounding too wishy-washy, it is nice to be recognized or thought of and it happened on a day that I needed a little "pick me up"! So thank you Amber for all of your sweetness and for making me laugh so many times when I visit your blog. For those of you who haven't dropped in on Believing Soul, definitely go'll keep going back!

And now I get to pass along this tag to up to ten of my friends. But, before I start I just want you all to know that at one time or another you have all "Made My Day" in some way. You all are very special to me. You may even receive this tag more than once. If you do....then know that you are extra special. And please, for those of you that receive it, please pass it along to ten friends who have in some way, "Made Your Day".

Sandy, we have so much in common with our grandchildren....and I feel like we are alike in alot of ways. And I am trying to catch up with you with the grandchildren. I love going to your blog each day to see what new things you have created. Just from corresponding with you over the past 1.5 years I feel we have formed a friendship. And if you ever get to Maryland, I would love to spend time with you over some good food and drink!

Cat's Momma, you are Sandy's sister and I am always amazed at the wonderful photography that you put up on your blog. I also love to see what lovely artwork you have always seem to give your portraits the most gorgeous eyes! And lastly, you are also a grandmother and dote on that darling little girl of yours. And I love to see how she is changing and growing.

Wanda, you are such an inspiration to me.....and I'm sure that anyone who reads your blog would say the same thing. Also, watercolors are my all time if you love watercolors you will want to visit Wanda's blog......her work is amazingly beautiful. Wanda and her hubby are getting ready to make a huge change in their lives.....please go to her blog for all of the details!

Marsha, your blog is a beauty! I love to go there to see all of your wonderful pictures. Along with the pictures, you almost always quote beautiful poetry. I can feel your sensitivity and your love for your family and I am glad to call you a friend. You sent me gorgeous note cards using your digital pictures.....they are so special to me. Friends, don't miss visiting Marsha's will love it!

Anne, I got to know you through my daughter Kelli, and we share the loss of a loved one on the same date. I enjoy reading your blog and your sense of humor is amazing. Generally, I have laughed or snorted at something you have written. You are a very loving and involved mommy to three little darlings. For a good laugh....go visit Anne's blog.

Barbara, you are sister to Anne....was I suppose to say that? I enjoy reading about what's going on with your darling twin son's! And I love when you post their they are growing at leaps and bounds. You are a very busy mom and I think you are doing a great job with all on your plate. To see some real cuties.....go see Barbara's blog.

Holli, I have been reading your blog for several years now. I feel like you are part of my family....even though we haven't officially met in person. I'm hoping that since you are now on the East Coast that we will eventually be able to meet up. Holli, you have a lot going on in your life....and friends, you won't want to miss reading her blog and see her beautiful photography and adorable, precious Baby-Faith.

Luzie, is my friend from afar! She was in the U.S in the Fall and I didn't get to see her. I am hoping that 2008 will be a special year for her and her accomplishments! Luzie, you are such a sweet, determined and focused young lady. And I hope that my friends will visit your blog to see your very interesting photography. She's good!

And Kelli, I have to mention that you "make my day" on a daily basis! Even though you haven't posted in a while as you are very busy awaiting the arrival of baby #3, when you get back to blogging, it's a sure bet that you will have someone laughing or snorting too! You are very funny....and make me laugh everyday. I am thankful for you in every aspect. You are an amazing daughter, mother and wife and I love you very much!


Wanda said...

BJ: I consider my blog friends some of my dearest!! You are one of those special ones. Thank you for the award...but most of all, thank you for your love and friendship!! You're the best!!
LOL Wanda

Marsha said...

Thank you very much for such nice compliments...I haven't been here in a week and it was such a wonderful surprise to find out I am one "that makes your day"! You are definitely making my day with the wonderful things you wrote.

I can't wait to hear the news of grandbaby #4...soon, very soon!

Sandy said...

Thank you BJ!!!! That was a wonderful award and so nice to read your comments. Thank you and I'm so glad to have met you over the internet and you and I could have a great time going out for a dirnk!!!

Can't wait to see that next grandchild. You will have caught up with me in numbers (4)...Yeah! And you best share LOTS of pics.

All your blogger friends will be following along with the hours up to labor and the birth and all the good stuff afterwards.

love ya,

Amber said...

So happy you passed it on. ;) Now I have some new people to check out here, too.

And what you said was so sweet. I don't feel like I have been very funny!

ox :)

cat's momma said...

Well, that was so nice to read, BJ, and thank you so much for your very kind comments. You are a daily visit for me...always checking to see if you've had time to put something up! I think having cyber friends is a great way to be involved in what others are doing even if we haven't met. So many interesting lives to be able to check into every day! I'll have to start checking the blogs of the others on your list. That should be very interesting! Thank you!

hollibobolli said...

I feel like we know each other too. Now that we have Sella in our car, I have faith that I can put your address and we could actually meet you all somewhere without us ending up in China!!! I'm only disappointed we couldn't do it when Luzie was here. I think we should get together as soon as the weather stops being so yucky!!!

I'm so thankful you're a part of our lives.

Love and hugs!!!

Anne said...

BJ, Of all the people I have come across through the world of blogging, you are in a league all your own. Your family is so lucky to have you and I am so blessed to have met you.

luzie said...

Brenda, you just made my day!! I realise I discovered this a bit late, but thank you so much for the award and your wonderful, sweet words! I'm still bummed I didn't get to see you last year, but maybe- hopefully!- we will see each other the next time I come to the States, which I hope will be soon. Thank you again, and I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. :)