Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Expectant parents......waiting on #3!

This picture was taken a few weeks ago of the two of them. They were going to a friend's wedding and I thought Kelli looked so pretty and Aaron so handsome(always). We are so thankful for Kelli's health......she is feeling much better. She will be 22 weeks on Sunday and has gained 10 lbs. She looks wonderful and is really showing at this time. Kelli mentioned tonight that the baby is kicking very strongly........she welcomes each and every one of them! Her sonagram was done a couple of weeks ago and as much as she would like to know the baby's sex, Aaron wants to be surprised. So few surprises in life.......and he is right. They will be overjoyed at the birth of either. Gianna wants the baby named in that case we hope it will be a girl! Hailee would like a baby brother. Personally? I would love a baby boy to balance out this equation! But I am a baby lover from way back.......and I can rock and cuddle either one. I am getting excited I know this great adventure is right around the corner!

Fall! My favorite time of the year!




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Girl's! Always having fun!

More of my favorite girl's!




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Gianna - with a smile!

I couldn't wait to post these pictures of G! She was so cooperative.....even smiling and posing for me! When she smiles or talks, she just melts me. She has this sweet little voice that comes from that darling little want to just eat her up!




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