Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yesterday was G's birthday. She turned three years old. They had a carvel ice cream cake and we sang "Happy Birthday". She had been asking for a Simon Says "Sit 'N Spin". You will remember that her cousin, L.J. got one on his 2nd. birthday in June. She has wanted one ever since. So, get it she did. That was my gift to her and she also got a couple of outfits for school. The fam was just returning fron the ocean, so they had a quickie birthday cake for her and her big party will come next week.

G is an adorable three year old. She has brought such joy to our family. Her beautiful little face still has a baby look about it, but when she talks you know she is far from a baby. She says and does very funny things. For instance, her daddy told her she could not have a cookie that she had in her hand. She replied, "Jesus, Mary & Joseph!" After the initial shock & laughing stopped, Aaron asked her where she heard that from. She replied, "church". So, needless to say, she got to eat that cookie!

She also called me today to report that she had poo-pooed on the potty! Yay! She is getting there. For the past month she has been going pee-pee on the potty if she felt like it. What she has told her mommy is that "it" doesn't work sometimes and sometimes "it" does work! So today, I guess everything worked!

She will start pre-school in about another week. She is excited to be going and I'm sure she will be just fine. She is self-confident and likes to play with other children. She can follow directions very well and talks up a storm. However, she will be wearing her pull-ups!

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