Sunday, July 22, 2007

Building with L.J.

Yesterday I had the honor of playing with L.J. for the afternoon. Mommy and daddy were both working.......and I was asked to help out. He is the most wonderful little boy! I would say that.....wouldn't I? He reminds me so much of my son, his daddy. His build is like his daddies, but he looks like them both now. I wasn't able to get many kisses yesterday, until I was saying goodbye and we played a crazy little game. Each time he would kiss me I would make a loud sound, throw my head back and somehow, entice him to want to repeat the whole thing. I know. It doesn't sound very enticing to you. But for some reason, he liked playing that game. And being mom-mom, I'd do almost any barnyard sound to get a kiss from him!!!! I hope that we can get some more baby boy's in the family! We need to balance out the sexes!

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