Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Angle!

I like the angle that I took this picture. It looks like it is just suspended in mid-air.
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Lily of the Day!

I have been waiting for a couple of months for this lily to bloom. It is in a pot in the ground, and has been there for the last couple of years. It blooms each year and then dies off. In the Spring it starts to green up and the stem continues to grow to 2.5 feet. Then at the end of the stem, the blooms start to bud. I hope that you enjoy this picture like I do.
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Monday, June 25, 2007


I found this picture today at work and was so excited that I had it there. I had to post this picture of the man that I loved so dearly, my lover, my best friend and the father to my children. This was taken about five years ago, the summer that he started to have symptons of the brain tumor. It is a wonderful picture of him. As you can see, he was a very handsome guy! And not only handsome, but had a smashing personality to go with it. He was a friend to everyone and those memories will linger in my heart forever. I am so happy that I had almost 27 years with him. The best years of my life, really.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007


This is a picture of the boat that we had just five years ago. My husband and I started out with a pontoon boat and had a couple of fun years with that. We learned that the Chesapeake Bay or any river is not a good place to run a pontoon boat. We decided to sell that and get something that would be more "safe" as we ran our boat in the bay. We bought this boat, a 27 ft. Rinker. It slept 4 people and had a little kitchenette below. We had so many wonderful times on this boat and I am so thankful that my husband and I got to share about four or five years doing our thing on the two boats. It was a relaxing way to spend time together once the work was done. Of course, to get to the point of being ready to take off is another story. The boat had to be cleaned before and after its use. And he thought that I got much to involved in the cleaning process. He would be just so happy to go down to the boat, open it up and take off. NOT!!!!! Boats are spider and insect attracters. And from one week-end to the next, those insects took over and did a number on everything. The spiders poop and make a terrible mess. So, before I was going anywhere, that boat had to be de-bugged! EW...EW...EW!!! I hate me some spiders, is all I can say!

We bought a dingy because when we would go to certain places, we would anchor out and spend the night there. I don't know how much sleep either one of us ever got. But, for all intents and purposes, we didn't really care. We were out on that boat, anchored out and it was so wonderful to be afloat! We would take the dingy to shore and there was a nice little restaurant there that we would eat at. And I have to laugh, because on the way back to our boat, it was dark and a little scarey moving across the water, just the two of us. We'd make it back to the boat and sit and talk for a while. When it was time to turn in, he'd put some "smooth jazz" on the radio and it would lull us for a little while.

My hubby took this picture of me standing on the back of the boat, after doing something with that dingy. I don't look too happy. I didn't have a smile on my face then. But I can't remember the situation....I could have been irritated about something. Most of my memories of our boating experiences are really good ones. We had so much fun doing this together.

This is a picture of Hailee and Kelli. Hailee was only about 4 months old in this pic. We brought her on the boat a number of times when we were just docked out. She was such a good little girl.....and still is. I wish that she had memories of the boat, but she was only about 18-20 months old that last boating season that my husband took ill. She does however have memories as early as two years old.

This picture is of my hubby holding Hailee when she was a baby. He adored her. I couldn't find a picture of him on the boat as I still haven't unpacked a lot of photo albums. I just wanted you to see how he looked as he held her. This man was filled with love for this sweet little girl. And if he were still here, he would be over-joyed at all of his grandchildren. He would also have two great-grandchildren now.

I hope that you have enjoyed a little bit of history about me and the love of my life. And I hope to share even more with you as time goes by.

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I don't know where the years have gone. It seems like only yesterday that you came into our family to join your older brother that was 27 months old. From the day you were born and I brought you home from the hospital, you slept through the night and were truely the sweetest and most content little one. You were easy to care for and not demanding at all. You grew into a precious little toddler and then on to a young adolescent. You had your difficult moments during those teen years but survived them as it seems most of you do! It is with great love for you that I can say that you are a very special son. You are thoughtful, loving and caring. I am so glad that you came back to Maryland 2.5 years ago and are spending your evenings with me. We live a quiet life together, you and I. But that is what I need now and guess you do too cause it seems like you are very content here. Thank you for all that you are; big moral support for your mom! Love you honey.

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