Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is Gianna with very red lips. She had been eating "red ice". That's what she calls it. We had stopped by Rita's, a nationwide chain that has approximately 1500 stores and sells all kinds of flavored water ices. Just the perfect thing to end the day. My preference is the gelati! I had a mango gelati, which is vanilla custard cream on the bottom, mango ice and topped with more vanilla custard. To die for people!!!!! So.....if you are on the road, and see the red and white striped awning and "Rita's" in green letters, don't pass it by my friends. You definitely won't be sorry!
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This is Aaron and the girls on Father's Day. He wanted a picture of the three of them together. We had gone to church and then continued on to have lunch together. We ended up at Bob Evan's. Aaron let Hailee choose and three of us like to eat there. Ms. Kellibelly would rather eat at another place. But, daddy loves to eat there and since today was Father's Day, she didn't have a choice (ha,ha). We had a great time!

In the next picture, I couldn't resist taking it as Gianna was bent down trying to smell the flower. This child makes me smile so very much! She has the sweetest little voice and the most infectious smile of any one child! Between the two girls and one little boy, it's "sugar", morning, noon and night. They rock my world!

And lastly, this beautiful lily of some kind, that I saturated as much as I could without distorting the color. I think that the color is magnificient! Another thing in my life that makes me smile. Nature. The beauty of it all.

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AN APPLE A DAY..........................

This is L.J. on Father's Day. He has discovered apples! His Memaw said that while in the grocery cart shopping, he had taken a bite out of all of the apples in the bag. It seems as though he may have thought that they each had different flavors. Cute little story, ugh? I guess it's funny to me cause those weren't my apples!!! Oh, I almost forgot to say that he nearly devoured this apple you see him eating. With the skin on it!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Sandy - I orginally posted this story back in June of 2005. This is my show and tell for this week. It's a fun story and at the time was a big surprise for me. You will see why. So, here it goes.

Gees! I haven't posted in a while but I wanted to tell a very humbling story. Last week on Saturday July 23rd., Kelli, my two grandaughters and myself went to the grand opening of J M Jewelers. They recently opened in Bel Air and we went there for me to "dig for the treasure". Kelli and my DIL had gone the day before and dug and had both gotten lovely gemstones. The setting was perfect. A treasure chest filled with sand, watch batteries and gemstones! What I was actually digging with was a long handle slotted apparatus that the sand would slowly sift through. Anyway, I made the first scoop and ended up with nil. So, Jose said, "you need to dig again". So, because I like to be told what to do and follow directions so nicely, I proceeded to dig toward the back and side, deep I might add, and while I was doing that, Jose said, "you've got the diamond, you've got the diamond", in his Spanish accent. I said, "I've got the diamond?" I hadn't even brought up the scoop yet. But, as the sand so slowly slid through the slots in the scoop, I was beginning to see the outline of a little box or something. The box came into clear view and Jose grabbed the box from the scoop and was loudly saying, "you got the diamond". I saw the word "diamond" written on the side of the little box. Well, from then on I was no more good. All I could do was cry. Everyone that was in the store was clapping and congratulating me and I just kept right on crying. My mascara and nose were both running. I needed a kleenex so badly and someone did find something for me.
Now, let me tell you about the diamond! It is very beautiful. It is approximately three-quarters of a carat. It has so much sparkle in it. It is beautifully cut, solitaire. I was told that it has a few natural occlusions in it. That doesn't matter one bit to me. I can't see them and I'm darn sure that no one else can either. After meandering around the store for several hours in a daze, I finally was able to pull myself together and find a setting to put the diamond in. I can't wait to pick up the finished product. It is going to be a beauty. The setting is very beautiful with an antique flair. The sides of the ring have small diamonds set in rose gold. It is a very unique ring. I am very happy with the setting that I chose. I can't wait to put it on my finger. And, Kelli knows that someday that ring is gonna be hers! And you know what she said? "I can't wait"! I hope that she will pass it along to my grandaughters someday too. And I hope that she will provide them with the story when she feels that one of them is responsible enough to wear the ring. Hopefully, thats a ways down the road. I want to be able to wear the ring and tell the story myself.
I am so blessed in my life. I'd like to think that "Bob" had something to do with my getting that ring. He always wanted me to have a "better" diamond. But then again, Mary said that God is in control and he just gave me a kiss! Whatever the one, I thank God that he has given me my children, my grandchildren (all three of them) and wonderful friends. The blessings all come from you.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

COULD IT BE................

Please keep this lovely couple, my daughter and son-in-law, in your prayers. They just learned that they are pregnant and are so happy. Most of you know that they have two adorable little girls and are so excited to be adding to their family. My daughter has had two miscarriages in the last couple of years. Her first was when her youngest was six months old. The next one was about one year ago. The doctor is unsure why this has happened since she is in very good health and had two previously normal pregnancies. The plan now is to monitor her blood work twice a week for the next month. By doing this, the doctor will be able to see if her hormone levels are continually elevating as they are suppose too. We are all very happy, but guarded. They would love to have a large family. And my daughter would love to have a blonde haired, blue eyed little boy!!!! Her husband says, "on with the girls"!!!! Seriously, they would be so thankful for just a healthy baby. If you would like to ready her post, click here.
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