Tuesday, May 08, 2007


After reading this blog about her daughter's cat Catalina, I felt the need to write about a couple of special pets that we had in our family. It brought back so many memories of our cat Morris and our dog Skyler.

I just had to post these pictures of my family pets who are no longer with us. I write with sadness because Morris, our cat passed away about five years ago after being with us for 16 years. I'm sure he is in kitty heaven now; the sweetest, most amazing animal I've ever known. He was much like a dog. No. Really. He had so much personality I could just go on and on. When the door bell rang, he would run down or up the stairs to greet whomever may be at the door. He was rare in the kitty category.

He was given to my daughter Kelli, at Christmas when she was about 8 years old by our friends who were visiting for the holidays. Morris had lived in an old barn with the rest of the litter. Our friends said he was one of many. He was a hit from the get-go and was totally loved by all. We had adopted a female cat the year before and she never really ever accepted Morris. But, as the story goes, we had many years of pleasure with him. My daughter would dress him up in her doll clothes from head to toe. Well, maybe not his feet. I'm not kidding one bit. She put a doll hat on his head and tied it there and he accepted whatever she put on him or did to him. Kelli would make him go to bed with her each night. She wouldn't get in that bed without him. She placed his head on the pillow and the rest of his body went under the covers and he would lay there until she fell asleep and then gently remove himself from her clutches. This went on for many years and we really just loved him so much. Even my husband who had hated cats! He grew up in a "hate cat" family. But Morris soon changed all of that.

This next picture is of our dog Skyler and Morris. They became best friends. My daughter had gotten Skyler as a puppy and was unable to take care of him. So, mom and dad came to the rescue and took Skyler and enjoyed him so much. He was definitely my husband's dog and loved my husband very much. He was walked twice a day and was loved by the whole family. Our daughter and grandaughter ended up back living in our home, so Hailee and Skyler were always together. They became best friends. Skyler was gentle and wanted to be where she was. He didn't know his size and you would have to make sure that he didn't turn and knock the baby down.

My husband was ill during some of this time and towards the end he was in the hospital off and on until the last month that he passed away. During that time, I wasn't home very much because I was going back and forth to Baltimore every day for a month. I had learned of a place called "Grandmom's House" that would take Skyler to care for him. I wasn't able to bring him back after my husband passed away. It was a difficult time and I felt that I wasn't in any way able to give Skyler the care that he deserved. Skyler was eventually adopted and he has a very good home and is loved very much. Still to this day, I miss him and think about him alot but I know that he is happy with his new owner and his new owner is crazy for him. This information has been verified by a good friend. She has actually seen Skyler and his new owner. I haven't been able to bring myself to visit with him. I feel sad at times thinking about that situation. But I know that this was the right thing to do.

I am grateful for all of the pets that we have had in our home over the years. From white mice, guinea pigs, iguana's, a ferret, fish, a tarantula, a dog and two cats and I know I must be forgetting something! My husband and I always ended up doing all of the work associated with caring for them; cleaning cages and feeding. And if I had it to do over again, I would certainly do it. Pets give you so much love and want so little in return. So, if you are contemplating getting a pet for your family, I say go for it! Do it. Adopt one today!