Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is my graduation picture from 1968. The quality of the picture isn't very good. But, I decided to post it anyway. I just learned this past weekend that my 40th high school reunion is in the planning stage. Yep. You heard right. My 40th reunion! I can't believe it myself. Apparently it takes over one year to plan this event. I received an e-mail today from one of the coordinators, asking for more information. You know, where you live, your phone number, etc. I haven't responded yet but I'm pretty sure that I will go. I visited a friend from high school last weekend and we talked about going. According to her, our high school rival will also be celebrating their 40th reunion too. I guess the two committees decided that we should celebrate together. Many of the graduates from my school are married to our rival school mates, and vice versa. It doesn't really matter to me. I don't have an opinion one way or the other.

I have gone to two reunions. The first was my 20th one. My husband went with me and I had such a great time. I remember feeling good about myself because I had maintained my weight pretty well and was nice and slim. It was so much fun seeing so many of the people that I graduated with. Some of them had been good friends. Friends that you lose contact with once you move away. I believe the second one was my 32nd one. My friend and I went, no husbands that time. I went reluctently. I had gained weight and didn't feel as good about myself. But, I got to see a lot of people. Some of the guys that had been "drop dead gorgeous", had become bald, very gray or even overweight too. I remember one in particular. Freddy Spurlock! My gosh. He looked as good if not better. Still "drop dead gorgeous". The girls either looked really good or looked much older to me. Some were heavier, like me. But, some had managed their weight well. I'm sure they said the same kinds of things that I thought. I always look at people I know and think this or that about them. I feel terrible that I do that. I'd love to know what people say about me. "Oh, Brenda has gained so much weight. She has such a pretty face. If only she'd lose about 100 pounds". Okay then. I'm just gonna stop about all this weight stuff!

Unfortunately, I did not go on to college. I got married and had two beautiful little boys. They came 27 months apart and brought so much joy to me. The marriage failed. We were both young and had been in love. But, it was difficult and we grew apart. He was a very good dad to his sons. And we have remained somewhat friendly over all of these years.

Shortly after my marriage dissolved, I met a very handsome and wonderful man. I fell madly in love with him and I married him and we had a baby girl and together with my two little boys, we made a wonderful family.

They are all grown-up now. One son is still single and keeps his momma company. My husband passed away four years ago next month. The other two are married and have brought three grandchildren into my life. And you know how much I adore them. Just go here to check out their pictures. And come back often to see how they are growing.