Sunday, April 01, 2007


On Saturday, it was the Easter Egg hunt at Hailee's school. Both she and Gianna were all too happy to go. I went along because I wanted to make sure that mommy, Kellibelly got pictures of them. You see, when I called to ask if she had remembered her camera, she said, "Mom, my battery is dead. I was hoping that you would come so I could use your camera". Or something like that. But I happily met her over there just in time to start the hunt! Here are pictures of the girls with their baskets, ready to go.

This is Hailee, waiting for access to the big play yard where all of the eggs are scattered. It looks like a ton of colorful eggs, but once the kids were allowed to enter the yard, they quickly disappeared. By the time that Hailee gets in there, most of the eggs are taken. The kids were only suppose to get 10 eggs in each of their baskets. Well darn, some of the kids had triple that. Now, why do parents allow that to happen? Can't you just explain that to be fair to all of the other kids, just get your 10 eggs. But, as it worked out, all of the children were able to get a little baggie of candy. It worked out fine. By this time, you will see in the next picture, that Gianna had already eaten about three pieces of her candy. We call her the "chocolate monster". I have never seen a kid who could eat so much chocolate. She loves it!

Gianna is sitting here peeling the wrapper from another piece of candy. The older
kids are now hunting their eggs in front of where she is sitting. She is very content eating piece after piece of candy. Kellibelly finally had to control the candy monster! She is the cutest little candy monster around that day!

Here are pictures of Gianna and Hailee in the moon bounce. There were two of them there. Gianna said she wanted to go in them. But as soon as she got close enough to enter the opening, she would say, "I'm too little" and run back to me. She did this a number of times and finally near the end, she decided that she would do it. Yea! She did it! Then she didn't want to come out and threw a semi-fit.

And this is Hailee, with her Kindergarten class, sitting with the Easter Bunny.
You can't see the bunnies face. I was at a bad angle. But the kids sure look cute, don't they?

We couldn't talk Gianna into sitting with the bunny. She would have no part of it. Now, I don't understand the difference between Santa and the Bunny. She cried to stand in line to see Santa. She wanted to see him each time we would be in the mall at Christmas shopping. I guess she figues that any bunny that big with ears like that has got to be something scarey. Oh well, there's always next year.