Sunday, March 11, 2007


My children and grandchildren all got together at my son's house last evening to have dinner; my DIL and son's request was for spaghetti and meatballs! But the real reason? To give my son tickets(two), to see Spam-A-Lot. And of course Meghan will be tagging along (he-he). You see, his birthday is on the 29th of March and by then the show will be over here in Baltimore. So, he has been talking about this show for quite a while now. His MIL had called me and I checked around and the information that I got was that for the most part the good seats were all sold out or limited view. My daughter and her husband belong to Center Stage and he was able to get the tickets in the Grand Suites- with very nice perks, I might add. So, today at 1:00 p.m my son and DIL will be off too see the show. Kelli did the honors of presenting him with the tickets. Speech. Speech, please. He was surprised and very happy. An early birthday gift and a promise that a real celebration will follow on his real birthday. All of this......right before his favorite.....chocolate cake with luscious creamy icing and a great cup-of-mojoe!

This is L.J. after he finished his sketti! He was soooooo enjoying his food. He even opted to sit in his high-chair, which he refuses to do on a daily basis. But, Gianna was there too. And she really wanted to sit in the high-chair. Could that have been why? Nah, he wouldn't be thinking like that, would he? He's almost two. And kids are way smart today. Oh yea! I think he's figured it all out. How about you?