Monday, March 05, 2007

Strawberries a la beautiful!

Each year, people come from all round, to our little town to indulge their chocolate cravings. This past Saturday was that day. Our little town hosted a chocolate show where a number of vendors came to display their chocolates wares. They gave out free chocolates, and had a lot of activities geered towards the children. One of particular interest to Hailee and Gianna was a table where they had tons of oreo cookes and all you had to do was stack them up and you were given a free hersey kiss. There was also a table for coloring if you chose to do that. I was fascinated with that huge chocolate flowing fountain. OMG! I haven't seen a fountain like that. They supplied pretzels and marshmellows to dip. The girls also had ice cream from a local ice cream parlor, Broomes Bloom Dairy. I think that we left there pretty much sick of it all! But, it was a fun day out.

I wonder if next years Chocolate Festival will be in March?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Moores Chocolates. Another local store that makes very good chocolates. This is a box of six, large dark chocolate covered strawberries. They were out of the milk chocolate. Still, I have to say, they were very tasty.

Bomboys Chocolate Truffles

Bomboys Chocolate Truffles, originally uploaded by Mama Chiquita.

These are some of the best chocolates in Maryland in my area. They are made locally and people come from all around to purchase them. Bomboys had a booth at the show and believe me, there were many people waiting to buy their favorite chocolates.

Chocolate Scented Deodorizer?

This was a give-a-away after your admission. I haven't opened it yet because I'm not really sure that I could stand to smell this in my car all of the time. As much as I love chocolate, this may a bit much.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


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Gianna Moving It!!!!

Gianna Moving It!!!!, originally uploaded by Mama Chiquita.

Gianna was really jamming to Justin Timberlake. I wonder where in the world she got those moves from? I'm not sure if big sissy can even do those moves. Maybe daddy? How about mommy? Both of them can move it! I guess its in the genes. We'll see if they like her "moving it" like this in about 13 years. But right now, it is just adorable.