Saturday, January 13, 2007


There's something very nice about going to a little cottagey looking house, decorated all shabby chic and being treated like royalty for a couple of hours. It made my day and I think everyone elses too. Just the right pick-me-up from the dreaded "post Christmas blues". Cause you know, it is a big let down after the holidays are over and you have to put away those pretty decorations and bright lights on that Christmas tree.

Well, this little tea party has been planned for about six weeks and today was the day. Our party of ten arrived and we were seated in our own little room. We chose the "high tea" which included four pots of tea (50 flavors to choose from), and our appetizer, a small bowl of potato soup. And, I might add that the soup was to die for. Homemade, rich and very creamy potato soup! Next came the three-tiered holder with all of our goodies. Cranberry scones on the bottom, four different finger sandwiches in the middle, and then of course all of the sweet goodies on the top. They were all displayed so lovely. You just can't resist eating when the presentation looks like it came right out of a magazine. And please, let's not forget the lemon curd and heavy cream which must accompany each bite of that scone. For anyone who has never had a scone, don't judge it unless you've had one. Cause they are wonderful! Warm, sweet, moist and very flavorable. Get the picture?

Here are all of us enjoying this special day. We shared friendship, laughter and very funny stories. You will see the lovely "kellibelly" and her dumpling, Hailee and my DIL Meghan and her mom, B.J., and then there's kellibelly's MIL, Mary and then on around is my bestest friend in the world, the lovely Miss M and her mom, Helen and on down the line seated next to Helen are her two grandaughters or Miss M's two beautiful daughters, Emily and Lauren. And then of course me.

Here are more pictures that I took of the room that we were seated in. It really is shabby chic decor and very girly. I love the different style of hutches that house so many different kinds of cups and saucers.